MTV’s Fear Factor: Ludacris, eating challenge and rescuing your phone

Ludacris Fear Factor

Credit: Scott Everett White

Nerd Reactor was invited to the set of the new Fear Factor with host Ludacris. It will be premiering tonight on MTV and will bring back the crazy stunts and disgusting eating challenges for a new audience.

“I would definitely do the stunts,” said Ludacris on the Fear Factor set. “That’s part of the reason why I signed on. I’m an adrenaline junky so I want to get close to the action and would love to it myself. When it comes to the eating part and drinking nasty things, that’s the only part I don’t like. But again, as a host, I get to watch people do it firsthand. It’s entertaining to see what people would do for $50,000.”

With Ludacris as the host, of course, audiences will get to see him add a little bit of his own flavor.

“Behind the scenes, I’ve had ideas,” Ludacris tells Nerd Reactor. “They’ll present me with a general idea and I’ll say, ‘You know, let’s add a little bit of this or do something like this to it. I add a Ludacris element to it. So if they would have to eat something crazy or drink something crazy, I’m there with a glass of wine. And I’m like, ‘I’m drinking my wine and throwing it in their face. Why do they have to do the exact opposite of what I’m doing?’ I kind of enjoy doing stuff like that because they’re the ones who chose to be here.”

Credit: Scott Everett White

Executive producers Anthony Carbone and  Charles Wachter are bringing the show to a new audience. Not to mention, they will be introducing challenges revolving around today’s world. One challenge we witnessed required the team to capture flags and try to save their phones. If they fail, their phone would fall hundreds of feet from the sky.

“We have a talented and insane group of people who come up with crazy ideas,” said Carbone. “We just circle around and we’re like, ‘Hey, what should we do with leeches?’ Sometimes it’s like, ‘I can get 5,000 leeches in a week. What can we do with the leeches? What if we did this with leeches?'”

“Our shopping list is bananas!” exclaimed Wachter.

“A lot of it this season… we’re looking at urban legends, viral videos, scary movies,” said Carbone. “We’re looking at that stuff and saying, ‘What can we take from the pop culture of the world and add a layer…'”

“… and tap into those anxieties that kids these days sort of have,” Wachter concluded.

The eating challenge is back, and media was invited to participate. Furthermore, only four members were brave enough to take on the challenge, and it involved eating Shrimp Paste, Surströmming, and other disgusting things.

Finally, you can check out our adventures on the set of Fear Factor below.

The new season of Fear Factor premieres on MTV May 30th at 10/9c.

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