Dragon Ball Super: Why Frieza is perfect for the Tournament of Power

A few weeks ago, we reported the possibility of Frieza returning to Dragon Ball Super. At the time it was considered a rumor since nothing has been confirmed. Well, since Episode 92 just aired, the ending and preview of Episode 93 have confirmed Frieza’s return.

Here’s how it played out: Majin Buu has entered a deep sleep a few hours before the Tournament of Power. Goku visits Mr. Satan and Buu and sees that is in a deep sleep and won’t wake up for about two months. When Goku delivers the bad news to the rest of the team, Beerus scolds the team for not having anyone else to enter. Apparently even Beerus has forgotten about Yamcha, but that’s another story. Seeing that the whole team is from one planet since they destroyed Frieza’s army, Goku was reminded of Frieza and decided he’ll be the 10th warrior to everyone’s surprise.

The preview for Episode 93 then shows Goku meeting Frieza in the underworld with what appears to be a sparring match. Goku explains to the viewer that desperation calls for the evilest power to save the universe. Frieza also brings up a few demands to enter though we don’t know what those are yet. But how well does he fit into Team Universe 7 due to the history between the fighters?

By just looking at the team, Frieza shouldn’t be a fit for several reasons. He’s killed Krillin, Vegeta, Piccolo and nearly killed Goku and Gohan. Master Roshi and Tien also fought against his army when he returned to Earth to kill Goku. But despite his evil ways, Frieza is probably the only fighter strong enough to replace Majin Buu.

Team Universe 7 – Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin, Master Roshi, Tien Shinhan, 17,18, and Frieza.

Frieza Fits Perfectly with the Rest of the Villains

Since the first thought of Frieza early in Dragon Ball Z, he was known as someone to fear. And with the genocide of the Namekian race and destruction of Planet Namek, he’s lived up to his infamous name. But the fight for the survival of the universe is something that is out of character for Frieza, unless he has something to fight for. That could be what his demands are to Goku, but we’ll have to wait and see. He does have to fight for himself and his own survival due to his nature of being selfish. His raw evilness is what the team needs at this time. Out of the 10 original members, 7 of them has been either a rival or enemy to Goku and Gohan. Throwing in a true enemy to the team would balance out the team.

With each fighter bringing their own strengths and weaknesses as well as motives to entering, none of them bring with them anything evil except for Frieza. Nine goodhearted fighters and one evil fighter. That one evil fighter entering a tournament meant to establish the survival of an entire universe is what the team needs. Each of the other 9 fighters has what it takes to compete. But up against 70 fighters with their own intent of survival, Frieza is that evil fighter who will knock an opponent out when he’s not looking. Or ruthlessly defeat his opponent no matter the power difference. Being evil just for the sake of being evil and selfish, he will cross any boundary to be victorious. He might even push his own teammates to dip into their evil side.

The Tournament of Power is almost here and with Frieza on board, things are about to get interesting.

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