Paladins Rekt giveaway winners! Plus a new champion announced!

Paladins Rekt
Greetings, Champions! Last week we took a quick look at Paladins Open Beta Patch 50, which brought us new skins and test maps as well as a set of Rekt weapons. These nerf-style weapons shoot darts in-game with custom sound effects that show even champions know how to have fun. We also had a giveaway for 9 lucky champions who left comments on the previous post. Of the many comments that were left, only 9 were selected will receive a set of codes to unlock the Rekt Weapon for Viktor, Androxus, and Tyra.

For the giveaway we asked if you had the chance to shoot a champion with a dart, who would you pick? Some of the entries were hilarious, but we selected the 9 winners at random. Deadline was 5/26/2017 at 11:59 PM PST, so all comments afterward are invalid.

And here are the 9 winners:

  • Lyre Salazar Takanashi
  • Hardik Khandelwal
  • Apac5
  • makushi
  • Kyle Thompson
  • Jim
  • Khoa
  • Vĩ Dolce
  • すごい

Congratulations, Champions! You will receive a confirmation email from me directly on the email you used to leave a comment. You must reply to the email by 6/2/2017 11:59 PM PST. Failure to do so will result in your prize to be forfeited and a new winner will be selected at random. Once you replied to the first email you will then receive 3 codes that’ll unlock the Rekt Weapons for Viktor, Androxus and Tyra!

Hi-Rez, however, had more secrets in store for us, with the announcement of a new champion.

Ash, The Warmachine, is making her debut into the realm soon. As a frontline champion, Ash is looking to become a fierce tank with her many abilities and massive cannon. Not much is known about Ash so far, but what is known is that she will be doing AoE damage which includes several knock back abilities. That knock back can prove to be a deadly skill for Ash due to being knocked out of the map. We’ll provide more details as they come.

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