FBE’s React Channel brings back full gaming playthroughs

React Channel
Fine Bros. Entertainment took some criticism over the past months for not doing full playthroughs on certain games. Recently when the React Channel released their first Outlast II episode, followers demanded they play until the end. The producers listened to fan complaints and uploaded a video explaining the new direction.

To a lesser extent, followers make this demand on various other React Gaming episodes too. The producers did their best in the comments to explain the difficulty in making full playthroughs. All of the cast members keep busy lives of their own, which means setting up playing times for the entire game cannot be an easy task for either side.

Associate Producer Derek Wells and Co-Founder Rafi Fine talk in the video. Fine first explains to viewers the aforementioned difficulty in creating “Let’s Play” episodes. Ultimately, he decides the extra effort is worth going through.

“Every episode gets 2-300 minutes per episode that we have to cut down,” he said. “And our editing team … it takes a long time. And over time we’ve gone, well, are we just going to never put Let’s Plays again because it just takes a long time, or can we go back and at least be putting out something like we used to? And that’s what we finally decided to do.”

“Let’s go back, and … bring back Let’s Plays like we used to do it on the channel.”

Outlast II, The Last of Us DLC and Little Nightmares will be some of the first titles to receive the full playthrough treatment again. Wells and Fine also mentioned their intention to finish Rick and Morty VR.

Will This Improve the Channel’s Numbers?

Time will tell if the full playthroughs regenerate the channel’s stronger numbers. The first episode for the original React Outlast series in 2014 picked up over 7 million views. While too early for an accurate comparison, the initial episode for the Outlast II series only garnered 780,000 views so far. Some observers believe YouTube views are struggling in general.

Regular gaming episodes on React Channel will release on Tuesdays, while Let’s Play episodes are scheduled for Thursdays.

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