American Gods episode 5 ‘Lemon Scented You’ (recap)

American Gods episode 5
American Gods Episode 5 “Lemon Scented You” takes viewers into the second half of the season. Audiences have spent the last month guessing a lot about what’s going on with this show and where it’s all leading up to. Tonight they finally have some answers.

American Gods picks up again (for the third time) with Shadow finding his dead wife Laura in his hotel room. In a bit a shock, Shadow throws a pillow at her face to see if she is real. As he can see, she is. Wanting to skip that whole ‘my cheating on you led to my death’ thing, Laura diverts the conversation to the miracle of her second chance at life with her beloved puppy, Shadow. She obviously doesn’t know that lately Shadow has seen some shit. Surprised but unfazed by her seemingly sweet reunion, he presses on to find out why she had an affair with his best friend and does not forgive her. Interrupting the reunion, Mr. Wednesday drops by to see Shadow and ask him our for some drinks when the two are ambushed at the motel by police and placed under arrest for bank robbery.

Gillian Anderson Channels David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust

The order of the new gods is established when we see Media played by Gillian Anderson as David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust and she looks incredible. Remember last time we met media as Lucille Ball? I think we can expect a new incarnation from her each time. She forces a meeting with Technical Boy to give him a message from, Mr. World, their superior. Technical Boy went too far with the attempted lynching of Shadow and must apologize.

Back at the hotel, Mad Sweeney finds his lucky coin swallowed inside of Laura’s body. Attempting to retrieve it, Laura easily kicks the crap out of him with her newfound power. Poor Sweeney just can’t catch a break. Police find him strangling her in a tub where she plays dead and he’s hauled away for murder.

At the station Shadow is tight-lipped requesting a lawyer while Mr. Wednesday decides to honestly spill the entire truth to his story to the interrogating officer in a “you wouldn’t believe me if I told you” bit. This is our first confirmation of what we’ve been guessing that the old gods are in a war with the new gods. He was in Chicago to convince a god of death (Czernobog) to join them because the new gods still fear him. Wondering how they got caught, the police present them with military grade drone photos of the two carrying out their bank heist.

Gillian Anderson as Marilyn Monroe

The arrest is obviously a setup, the lights flicker and Gillian Anderson as Media in the form of Marilyn Monroe arrives. Technical Boy and Mr. World (played by Crispin Glover) follow and for the first time we see what Shadow and Mr. Wednesday are really up against. Mr. World knows everything about everyone demonstrating this by revealing Shadow’s preference in cheese, his O face, and as a final insult, the number of men his mother had been with (ouch!). Technical Boy asks the question we all wanted to know, why don’t they just fight now and get rid of Mr. Wednesday if he’s in their way?

It’s obvious Mr. World still fears something about Mr. Wednesday and maybe hasn’t yet put his plan into place. He mentions how old and wise Mr. Wednesday is and still must be respected. Technical Boy still defiant, Media blows him a kiss which knocks him so hard in the face that his teeth fall out. He makes his apology to Shadow and the new gods carry on their way.

Shadow and Mr. Wednesday try sneaking out of the station but realize they don’t really have to. All of the police have been murdered. A tree creature grows out of one of the bodies attacking Shadow before they narrowly escape. Mad Sweeney’s detaining officers are also killed and he makes a run for it.

American Gods Episode 5 Final Reaction

American Gods Episode 5 “Lemon Scented You” is one of the less shocking episodes. That means in we didn’t see some intense uncomfortable sex scene, blood fest, or really trippy visions. However, we did finally get some answers needed to keep us watching and hooked on the plot.

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