Ultra Street Fighter II to be deciding factor for Capcom’s Switch support?

Ultra Street Fighter IIUltra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers has launched on the Nintendo Switch, and it looks like sales of the game could be the deciding factor on how much support Capcom will give the system moving forward.

In a recent interview with Capcom President & COO Haruhiro Tsujimoto on Toyokeizai.net, he explained that Capcom will be monitoring the sales of Ultra Street Fighter II. This will give Capcom a chance to assess how much focus it will have on Nintendo’s hybrid system.

What Could This Mean for the Switch?

Capcom has had a great relationship with Nintendo since the beginning. Capcom, like many other companies, moved over to the PlayStation, Dreamcast, and Xbox to produced some amazing titles. However, it still released a variety of titles across Nintendo’s various consoles and handhelds. If Ultra Street Fighter II does sell above Capcom’s expectations, we could see more games developed exclusively for the Switch. If not, we may see Capcom putting a bigger focus on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Furthermore, this would be the worst case scenario. We saw this for the Nintendo Wii U, which had nearly little to no support.

One Capcom title that really feels like it could excel on the Switch is the Disney Afternoon Collection. All six games are in the collection, and they were originally released on the Nintendo Entertainment System and aren’t available to download in any form on the Nintendo eShop. As a result, it’s definitely a surprise to see Capcom not take advantage and see how both games could do sales wise.

We do know that Capcom is working on Monster Hunter XX (pronounced Double Cross) for the Switch in Japan. XX is an expanded version of Monster Hunter Generations which was released on the Nintendo 3DS. It’s a popularity of this series in Japan, so it’s no surprise. But will it see a release in the West?

Have you picked up Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers? Or do you plan on skipping out on this title?

Source: Toyokeizai.net

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