Hallelujah! Far Cry 5 announcement trailer released

Far Cry 5
Today the first official trailer for Far Cry 5 has been released! Ubisoft announced the game earlier this month and has since been teasing fans with various images and clips on social media. The trailer gives gamers a first-hand look at what to expect from this new installment. We get a good glimpse of the community and the landscape that well be depicted in the game. You can really get a sense of how tiny the “small town” of Hope County is. It feels like a place where everyone knows each other, and they all seem to be in fear of this cult that is terrorizing the town.

There are more teases for vehicles, weapons and local wildlife that will appear in the game. (Better watch out for those bears.) Hunting will obviously play an intricate part as it always does. It seems that for the first time, the franchise will introduce REAL fishing! Unlike previous Far Cry games where you shoot fish in the water, Far Cry 5 teases that we will be able to cast a line and reel in some bass. Fly fishing is huge in Montana, it only seems natural that it would be featured in the game.

The trailer also appears to be voiced over by the game’s main villain and leader of the cult, who we saw a glimpse of earlier this week. He currently still remains nameless, but now we at least have a voice to go with the face. We’ll likely see more of him once E3 comes around, so stay tuned.

We are also given a small introduction into three supporting characters that will likely help us throughout the game. While their screen time in the announcement trailer is short, Ubisoft released three additional trailers to help flesh out them out. Each trailer helps shape the world of Far Cry 5 and the people who live in it.

You can check out the full trailers below. Far Cry 5 will be released on February 27, 2018.

Far Cry 5 Character Trailers

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