YEVO Labs introduces its True Wireless headphones, YEVO 1

Yevo labs yevo 1
YEVO Labs has announced the Yevo 1, its true wireless headphones which take cordless to a whole new level. The YEVO 1 comes in 3 colors: Ivory White (white with gold trim), Jet Black (black with black trim), and finally Onyx Black (black with gold trim).

And with some phone companies getting rid of headphone jacks, this may be the future of audio listening. In fact, Apple and Samsung have already released their own true wireless headphones. Apple did so because it got rid of the headphone jack.

YEVO 1 will have Bluetooth 4.1 as well as Near Field Magnetic induction. This will allow the user to have an uninterrupted connection. It will have four built-in microphones so users can take and make calls, and touch sensors for volume and music control. Those same touch sensors will also be used to activate Siri or Google Now with a tap. With all that built into the pair, the battery life is an astounding 20 hours. It comes with a sleek case which can be used to store and charge the headphones.

Some headphones use noise canceling to bring you superb sound. YEVO1 brings the same quality while allowing you to be aware of your surroundings through audio transparency. That can be helpful when you are in a public setting and still need to know what is going on around you. And to get the best and fully appreciate all the benefits of the headphones, you will want to pair this with the YEVO app. (It is available for both Android and iOS devices.)

Andreas Vural, Founder of YEVO Labs and Happy Plugs, had this to say in regards to critics of wireless headphones:

“We’ve always gone against the grain, shrugging off critics that condemn its ideas as ‘too difficult to execute’ or ‘too easy to work’… with YEVO1 we believe this will change how people experience headphones.”

 For more information or where to purchase, click here.
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