New Far Cry 5 photo teases main villain and religious cult

Ubisoft just released a brand new teaser image for Far Cry 5. Yesterday the developer revealed the location of the new game would be centered around Montana. Many theorized that the game would revolve around religious fanatics and militant groups. Judging from the new teaser, they were all right. The new teaser image gives us a glimpse at characters that will appear in the game. Much like how the first image for Far Cry 4  revealed Pagan Min, this new teaser gives us our first look at Far Cry 5’s main villain. While we currently don’t know his name, it is safe to say that the slick back haired, bearded man in the center of the table wearing yellow tinted sunglasses is likely the main antagonist for our hero.

Religion Will Play a Major Role

As if the title “Last Supper” wasn’t enough, it is easy to see that the radical group you will face off against in the game will be very religious. From the American flag with crosses for stars to the likely captured prisoner with “Sinner” written on his back, religion will play a major role in Far Cry 5. If we look closer at the image we can easily find hidden Easter eggs that alluded to what will appear in the game. Wolves will likely arrive in the game again as one of the animals in the region.

Weapons and Vehicles Tease

You can already see that they are already hinting at some of the weapons and vehicles. It also looks like we might be able to fly planes for the first time in the franchise. Far Cry 3 introduced the wingsuit way back in back in 2012. The feature carried over to 4. Naturally, the next step would be actual airplanes which would make for an interesting addition to the fifth game.

The world premiere trailer will be dropping this Friday on May 26th. We can expect to hear more about Far Cry 5 in the upcoming weeks as we get closer to E3. Stay tuned.

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