Far Cry 5 teaser trailer brings you to… Montana?

Far Cry 5
If you’ve been following the Far Cry series, then you’re in for a special treat. The latest teaser trailer for Far Cry 5 has just been released by Ubisoft. And it’s making us all wonder what the hell the game is going to be about. Take a look at the teaser right below.

Hope County Montana? What?

No seriously, what the hell is Far Cry 5 going to be about if it’s in Montana? I’ve purposefully stayed away from any news as of late so this teaser is new to me.

Let’s take a quick look through the different Far Cry games throughout the years and maybe we might find what Montana holds. The first Far Cry had you escaping from an island and fighting off an army.

The second Far Cry had you wandering around the African savanna, kind of like Bear Grylls, but with less piss-drinking and more bullet dodging from African warlords.

The third Far Cry was a revisit to the islands, but you’re just a random civilian trying to survive against one of the most maniacal villains in video game history.

Far Cry 4 had you in the Himalayan countryside fighting for your independence. The main character went up against a despotic, albeit flamboyant, ruler named Pagan Min.

Then Far Cry: Primal had you go back to the caveman era.

So I ask again, what is in Montana that you’re going to be fighting for your life against? Since Far Cry is mainly you traveling throughout the open world area and freeing outposts, I get the feeling this will follow the same some sort of schematic as the others. However, this time it’s going to be on American soil and hopefully, you’re fighting against a foreign body. The trailer doesn’t show a lot for us, but we can speculate many different scenarios for this series to run into.

Far Cry 5 and Zombies?

One thing I’m not ruling out is zombies. Yes, I know the zombie genre has played its hand already. And in some instances, it’s consistently playing the same thing over and over no matter how many times it’s been repackaged. (I’m looking at you, Resident Evil.)

Let’s all hope that the game lives up to the mystery that this small trailer provides us. No one wants to be disappointed by this series. But I hope running for your life through a wheat or corn field should provide some extra suspense in Far Cry 5.

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