FanimeCon 2017: Small tips to remember


Photo Credit: Reinier Macatangay

FanimeCon falls upon the San Jose Convention Center once again this week from May 26-29. For many attending, this will be another year in a familiar place with friends. Others will experience their first anime convention ever.

Here are a few small minor tips and observations learned over time.

1. Free Parking Does Exist

Some con-goers only attend a convention for one day. It happens. Those who do not park their car at a surrounding motel for the weekend can find free parking on the streets of San Jose.

Read the sidewalk signs and understand the limitations though. Most blocks remove the time limit after a certain time. For example, perhaps the sign will read “2 Hour Parking From 9-5” and then it becomes unrestricted.

Study the area around the chosen parking spot. Downtown San Jose is a rough place in specific areas.

2. Start Conversations More Often

A lot of people are locked into their own social groups, and others are too shy to make new friends. Do not assume the conversations will magically happen. Take the initiative and think of interesting things to say to fellow con-goers.

Even those attending FanimeCon with friends might wish to branch out and make new friends too.

If possible, participate in one of the speed dating sessions. (Because of its popularity, entering can be difficult). Go up to someone playing alone in the Game Room and ask if he or she wants a partner. Talk to people sitting on the side.

3. Cheap Food Is Available

Longtime attendees are familiar with the Safeway up a few blocks.

Other con-goers would rather eat fast food all weekend. Perhaps their motel room does not contain a kitchen or microwave. In that case, plenty of options exist. Although the con food is not bad, just across the street on Market is a Subway. If walking is not a problem, going down a few blocks on E. San Carlos St. to 4th St. will reveal a Jack in the Box.

For a slightly higher price, across from Jack in the Box is Pizza My Heart.

4. Enjoy “Angry Video Game Nerd” in a Crowded Room

Angry Video Game Nerd is annually shown in one of the video rooms. Take advantage of this, and watch the longtime web series in a room with laughing nerds. It feels different than watching on YouTube alone.

But AVGN is not the only web series shown. The video rooms also show Nostalgia Critic, Zero Punctuation and more.

5. Get Sleep Every Night During FanimeCon

Sure, the Game Room is open 24 hours a day. The video room is always running as well. Yet, pulling an all-niter is difficult and unhealthy. If the Rovers catch people sleeping on the grounds, he or she will be kicked out.

In truth, the Game Room becomes slightly limited late at night anyway. The volunteers running the room take away most of the retro console games. A few of the consoles keep going, but it is strange how it partially shuts down.

As for the video rooms, past midnight at least one of them becomes a hentai room.

Yes, sleep is good.

Of course, con-goers enjoy anime conventions in different ways. If people can stay up all night and still make it through the next day, well, that is incredible!

FanimeCon is one of the biggest conventions in California. It offers a small atmosphere feel in spite of the large amount of people. Get packing now and make the trip to San Jose this weekend.

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