Deadpool, Cable, and Wolverine unite in new Liefeld graphic novel

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Deadpool has been a fan-favorite character for a long time, but now he’s possibly more popular than ever. He has several comic books on the go and last year’s movie based on the character was a smash hit. Now, fans are looking forward to the sequel which has recently added Josh Brolin to play the mutant Cable.

Possibly capitalizing on this situation, Deadpool and Cable co-creator Rob Liefeld recently released an original graphic novel called Deadpool: Bad Blood on Wednesday. Apparently, this won’t be the last one. He revealed on Instagram that he’ll be drawing another graphic novel called Deadpool: Bad Blood Vol.2. In fact, he’s already working on it.

“Have I mentioned that I’m hard at work on Deadpool: Bad Blood vol. 2, BADDER BLOOD!!?” Liefeld wrote on Instagram. “Your response to Bad Blood has been overwhelming and we, Chad, Chris, Rom, and myself are back at it on the sequel! 2018 can’t get here fast enough as Deadpool’s past and present continue to collide and the adventure continues.”

The first graphic novel featured several guest appearances from other popular characters and that won’t change with the new book. The artwork suggests that Cable will be involved once again and that Wolverine, one of the most popular comic book characters, will join the gang as well. Thumper, a new Deadpool enemy introduced in the first graphic novel is also expected to be included in the story.

“The idea with Thumper was to give [Deadpool] a sustainable foe with a history and possibly tethers to other links that can come back and continue to provide story and conflict for him,” said Liefeld in an interview with Nerd Reactor.

Liefeld told that he was trying to introduce the next Wolverine when he created Deadpool, so having the two together for the book is a pretty special thing.

“All I was trying to do was create the next Wolverine,” Liefeld said. “Wolverine was my favorite character in the history of comics. When I encountered Wolverine, you have to understand I was eight, I bought the Hulk issue – #181 I think it is – off the stands, off the spinner rack. Who is this awesome new character? I loved the name, the look. When he popped up in X-Men, I flipped out. When [John] Byrne took over and they put greater emphasis on him. When he got his solo miniseries with [Frank] Miller.”

Deadpool: Bad Blood is now on sale with the sequel coming out sometime in 2018.

Nerd Reactor recently interviewed Liefeld about the upcoming comic, read it here.

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