How 10 Champion bans will work in League of Legends

League of Legends
The upcoming League of Legends 7.11 patch will allow each player in the game to ban a champion simultaneously before moving into the champion select phase.

Players will still be able to declare their intended champion before the ban phase. This is to prevent players from accidentally banning teammates’ picks. During the ban phase, each player will have approximately 35 seconds to select their personal ban choice. (The time isn’t finalized yet.) After each player locks in or time expires, both teams bans will reveal to one another. This may create duplicate bans between teams so not all games will have 10 champions banned.

When Riot first gave players the ability to ban champions in League of Legends, it was met with applause by its player base. No longer would players be hopeless when it came to seeing the current flavor of the month champions dominate. This was due to their current level of power being disproportionate to others in the game.

This also allowed other players to prevent opponents from picking counters to the champions they were planning on playing. Hopefully, this was to increase their chances of winning. While this alleviated some of the issues with the champion select period it also created others. Some players took this as an opportunity to ban champions their teammates intended on selecting because of a personal disliking for that specific character. This often created toxicity between teammates before matches even began. The upcoming new 10 player ban system will vary a bit from the pro scene. But it still looks like it will alleviate most of the pre-game toxicity.

Option for No Ban

There will also be an option for no ban for players wanting to live on the wild side. Also if two players lock in the same champion at the same time, then one will convert into a no ban selection to prevent players from receiving dodge penalties. Players will notice that this format is different from the pro scene. According to Riot, this is due to the fact that organized teams will have some knowledge of their opponents’ preferences and playstyles which differ from the majority of players still working their way up the ladder playing against other random players.

The exact details of the 10 champion ban system are still being finalized but will be released soon. This baseline is how the system will work for the most part. However, details may change as Riot makes adjustments to find what will work best for their player base as they always do.

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