Criticism over smartphone app for Nintendo Switch online service remains strong

Nintendo Switch
Specific information on the required smartphone app for the upcoming Nintendo Switch online service is lacking. But it is clear gamers will need to use their smartphone or tablet in order to interact online.

Most people see this as disappointing news.

Even hardcore Nintendo Switch fans are turned off. Over at the official Switch Reddit, there is an active thread titled “The more time passes, the dumber this smartphone app idea seems.”

Down below are some of the more interesting comments from the discussion.

“It would make absolutely zero sense for us not to be able to message, chat and invite friends through the switch itself without the use of an app. Why … would it make any sense for me have to put my Switch or controller down?”

“I REALLY hope Nintendo makes this app optional. Features need to be available on the console itself. In terms of online services Nintendo really needs to take a step back and do what works, especially considering how far behind they are.”

“Anyone defending this idea is in denial. Who would want to have to pick up their phone to set up a match, when the Switch itself should be doing this?”

“What can they do with a smartphone that they couldn’t have just put into the UI? What’s stopping them from doing what other companies have been doing for years?”

“The really weird thing will be having two separate devices constantly accessing your wifi network at the same time… with the Switch already having a weak connection, I can see a lot of dropped connections happening.”

“The biggest killer has got to be phone battery life. Having that nagging feeling of BOTH your Switch’s and phone battery (dying) is going to be so annoying. Worst still, people can live with no switch battery for a day. But the phone?”

To be fair, there are some positive posts defending Nintendo’s smartphone app decision.

“I don’t know why anyone would dislike this. After I found out about the PlayStation app, I never had the desire to painstakingly type out a message on the PS4 controller again.”

“Doesn’t seem dumb to me. If you’re out playing online it’ll drain the battery way quicker if you have that software in the Switch.”

Overall though, Nintendo Switch owners want an online system similar to the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. Nintendo can still fix this problem and do something to implement an online infrastructure without an app. Unfortunately, for years the company has been fearful of children talking to strangers online. So, a logistical approach for this company seems less probable.

For now, Nintendo Switch games such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Super Bomberman R are free to play online without an app. Once the app implementation begins later this year, it will be interesting to see if there is a strong backlash.

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