James Wan will be part of Resident Evil movie reboot

The Resident Evil series has been a staple for Capcom for many years. They’ve released many different sequels to the original film and it looks like it’s finally going to get a reboot. The greatest part about this reboot is that James Wan will be a part of it!

If you don’t already know, James Wan is currently directing Warner Brother’s superhero movie, Aquaman. (So he’s in Australia at the moment taking care of that business.) However, once it’s completed, Wan will be in the boots as a producer for the new Resident Evil movie series. It is set to span six movies. In addition to that is an all new cast for this horror-suspense genre. With a whole new cast and new storyline written by Greg Russo (not related to the Russo brothers), this should be an interesting remake.

James Wan Knows Horror!

James Wan is no stranger to the horror genre as he has directed a recent blockbuster called The Conjuring. (If you haven’t seen that, I suggest you make time and make sure you’re watching with friends. Because James Wan absolutely nails the horror and fright in that movie.) Since he’s now connected with Resident Evil, it makes you wonder if the reboot will have the game return to its early roots as a mansion filled with zombies that eventually spill into the nearby town of Raccoon City.

James Wan may not be directing the movie, as no director has been named yet. But I do hope that it brings the movie tone down to a more earthly level. The current Resident Evil series which just ended that had Milla Jovovich star throughout the series, got a little too carried away every since the first movie. It was a little too ridiculous, to say the least, even though it starred some of the main characters from the Resident Evil video game.

Source: Deadline

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