Into the Badlands 2×10 ‘Wolf’s Breath, Dragon Fire recap & review

Daniel Wu as Sunny – Into the Badlands _ Season 2, Episode 10 – Photo Credit: Antony Platt/AMC

* Warning: This review & recap contains spoilers for tonight’s Into the Badlands episode 2×10 ‘Wolf’s Breath, Dragon Fire’.*

In this intense and epic season finale, Sunny finally finds his family and battles Quinn, but it comes with great sacrifices. Veil has been killed. It seems like no other storyline would or could compare. It’s sad to know that Lydia lived. Tilda lived. Heck, even the Widow survived the wrath of Sunny, but poor Veil succumbed to her death. This just doesn’t seem right. There are just too many problems with this.

The battle scenes were amazing, as usual. This episode’s fight between the clippers and Sunny/Bajie was more intense than the Widow killing off clippers in the first episode. The fight scenes were beautifully executed. I’m surprised Quinn’s character could move like that, especially with his age and tumor. But, in the end, the fight scenes were brilliantly done.

I thought there would be an intense cliffhanger this season, but we did learn that technology still exists and Bajie sent a signal someplace. The main question is – who? Maybe Bajie is immortal – he hasn’t aged in twenty years and apparently lives through being stabbed. He fights well. So, something has to be up with him. He knew how to use the technology. Could he had lived through before the apocapylse?

The Widow has been drifting the line bwteen hero and villain. Her intentions were heroric – freeing people of barons and slavery, but she begins to gain power and became paranoid in her partnerships. I don’t know what her goals are, but I don’t know how we are going to see her next season.

After the unjustified death of Veil, Sunny is now a single father who must take care of Henry. I’m not sure how this is going to play out next season. It’s completely unpredictable. My only hope is that Veil is brought back to life through the Master’s powers, but I highly doubt that. So, it’ll just be Sunny taking care of his son and trying to teach him “to be good”.

Overall, the season has been suspenseful. There were so many twists and turns – including the death of Ryder, Veil, and Quinn. The show proves no one is safe in the series, which reflects real life. My biggest concern is the fact that Veil had to die to prop Sunny’s story for next season. Too often, the female character has to die to create more character development for the male character, which is an injustice for the female who we’ve grown to respect and love.

Aside from the death of Veil, Into the Badlands remains suspenseful and engaging. If only they did not killed off the love interest, which made the love story for the series, the show would had concluded better for me. Hopefully, the series will learn from this for season three.

Daniel Wu as Sunny, Nick Frost as Bajie – Into the Badlands _ Season 2, Episode 10 – Photo Credit: Antony Platt/AMC


Sunny is walking through the forest and finds Waldo’s shed, which has Sunny’s motorcycle.

As Quinn is talking to Henry about the upcoming battle, Sunny changes into his previous Clipper clothes and packs his weapons. He heads out on his motorcycle towards Quinn’s fort.

Waldo enters the Widow’s office and tells her there is no coming back from declaring war with Quinn AND Sunny. He tells her that they are going to come for her. Widow doesn’t seem too worried. Waldo then asks for Tilda and if she’s still alive. Widow asks what kind of mother does she think he is? Waldo is disgusted with the Widow’s behavior for betraying everyone, including Tilda. Widow asks Waldo if he wants to be a baron since the majority of the barons are dead. The Widow tells him she’ll give him a baronship because he’s a survivor.

Quinn is talking to his men and tell them to prepare for war against Sunny. He gives a motivational speech to his men. Lydia interrupts him and tells his men about Quinn’s brain tumor and Quinn’s plan to destroy all of them with explosives. The men aren’t moved by her words. They know about the explosives and prove their loyalty to Quinn. Quinn puts a sword in Lydia’s face and tells his men to have her dig her own grave and kill her. Lydia threatens him that she will live long enough to see Sunny slit his throat.

The Widow is cutting some flowers and gives it to MK. MK tells her that he doesn’t want his gift back. The Widow says he doesn’t have a choice. She walks up to him and he puts it to his throat. He asks for Bajie who comes in. The Widow and Bajie fight about their history. The Widow tells MK that Bajie only used her for her Azra book. MK asked Bajie if this was all true and if Bajie really wanted to save Sunny or get the compass. MK walks away.

The Widow asks Bajie to translate the book and to fix MK. Bajie has no idea what to do.

Lydia is digging her own grave and the soldier tells her that’s enough. He gives her a totem (from her people) and tells it it will lead her on her journey. He pulls out his sword. Lydia then kills one of the men with the shovel. The other man chases after her but they both run into Sunny. Sunny kills him. Sunny sees Lydia and asks where Quinn is. Lydia tells Sunny Quinn’s plans – Henry and the explosives. Lydia warns Sunny that he’s walking into a trap. Sunny tells her he’s going to save his family and hands her a sword. Sunny moves on towards Quinn’s fort.

Tilda is locked up all bloody in the jail cell. Bajie, who is trying to translate the Azra book in the next cell, introduces himself to Tilda as MK’s friend. A bowler brings food to her, but Tilda is too injured to grab it, trying to trick him. The soldier leaves. Odessa comes in and breaks Tilda free. Bajie tells Tilda that Odessa was the person who turned in MK and Bajie. Tilda tells Odessa to help her save MK. Odessa said that Tilda is no match for the Widow right now. The only one who is is Sunny.

MK and the Widow are walking in her garden. The Widow tries to get through to MK, but MK sees the truth behind Widow. The Widow tells him that MK is never going to leave this place until she gets what she wants. MK tells her that if he gets his gift, he’s going to kill her. The Widow tells him if she wins, then he belongs to her.

Bajie, Tilda, and Odessa attempt to escape through a jeep. A soldier comes and stops them. Waldo saves them by telling the soldier that he let them through. The soldier leaves. Waldo sees Tilda and looks relived to see him. Tilda takes Waldo’s hands and asks that he come with them. He tells her to take care of herself and leaves.

Sunny gets to the fort and enters the blown up entrance. As he enters, Quinn’s soldiers come in. Quinn is holding Henry as Quinn’s men prepare the arrows. Sunny hears Henry’s crying and charges towards the men. He dodges some arrows but is hit by two. He continues through until Quinn sets off an explosive, causing rocks and debris to fall on Sunny. Quinn and his men return back underground.

Odessa and Tilda drop Bajie off at Quinn’s bunker. Odessa and Tilda leave.

Quinn, who is holding Henry, stares at Veil who is staring back at him through his office. Bajie saves Sunny again by taking the rubbles off him. Sunny asked if MK is with him. Bajie apologizes that he couldn’t save him but they will return to save MK too. Quinn’s men comes out to fight Bajie and Sunny.

A head of Quinn’s soldier is rolled into the fort. Quinn’s men attack them but Sunny and Bajie prevail in a bloody battle, possibly more bloody that the first episode with Widow. Seriously, blood spews everywhere.

Veil attempts to break out of the office and sees Sunny enter the fort. They are both overcome wirth motion. Sunny breaks through the door and kisses her. Bajie saves Sunny again from a soldier who tries to attack Sunny and Veil. Bajie tells them to go and he’ll deal with this soldier. Bajie is able to kill the guy, but is fatally wounded. He looks at the Azra compass and complains that he wanted to save the world and was so close to Azra. He slowly dies.

Sunny and Veil see Quinn and they hear Henry crying, but do not know where he is. Quinn tells them that Henry is safe. Sunny and Quinn battle it out. Veil runs to get Henry and attempts to escape. Quinn knocks Sunny out and approaches Veil to kill her, but Sunny provides the fatal blow to Quinn. As Veil, Henry, and Sunny leave, Quinn is able to get Veil and holds a spear to her neck. Veil tells Sunny it’ll be okay and plunges the knife through herself to kill Quinn off through the throat. Veil tells Sunny to teach Henry to be good and slowly dies.

Sunny buries Veil and mourns for her. He takes Henry with him.

Bajie is on the motorcycle – ALIVE! He heads to a remote location that has technology and uses the compass and book to turn on the technology. It emits morse code and signals into the satelitte. There is technology in the Badlands!

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