Watch Tekken 1, 2, and 3 retold with 8-bit sprites

The seventh installment of the Tekken series releases next month. Bandai Namco Entertainment has posted a new video series that takes a look back at the various events of the Tekken fighting games with an 8-bit look. Developed by Dutton Films Animation, part one of the retro recap video summarizes the important events of the first three Tekken games.

Get a quick refresher from the first game, as Heihachi Mishima takes his five-year-old son Kazuya and toss him off of a mountain cliff to rid him of his weakness. 21 years later, Heihachi holds the King of the Iron Fist Tournament with the prize being $1 billion.

Kazuya who barely survived his ordeal would join the tournament in order seek revenge on his father. Furthermore, he would make it to the finals where he defeated his father and threw him off the same cliff.

And this was only the beginning… In conclusion, Heihachi is a huge jerk.

King of the Iron Fist Tournament Retold

After watching the video, it would definitely be great to see an 8-bit beat ’em up brawler using various Tekken characters. These have quirky and silly additions which include the quick Jun and Kazuya exchange, Jun telling Kazuya she is pregnant, and Heihachi sucker punching Jin.

Tekken 7: Fated Retribution will serve as the final chapter in the Mishima clan saga. The game will also feature new characters and mechanics including the Rage Drive system. Kazumi Mishima will appear as a new character. She is Kazuya’s mom and Heihachi’s wife, who was believed to be dead. There will also be Street Fighter’s Akuma, who appears as part of a promise he made to Kazumi.

Tekken 7: Fated Retribution is set for release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam on June 2nd, 2017. It will also be one of the nine fighting games featured at this year’s Evolution Championships.

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