New trailer for Star Trek: Discovery released

Star Trek: Discovery has been stuck in a bit of development limbo the past few years, having to deal with production delays as well as the departure of initial series showrunner Bryan Fuller. It being placed off the network’s primetime schedule and on CBS All Access, the network’s streaming offering, was seen as further proof that the show was not being treated with the sort of care befitting one of the iconic science fiction series of all time.

But early struggles to get the project off the ground aside, the production has consistently made progress towards a launch, with some notable names joining the cast, including Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter series) and Michelle Yeoh (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), as well as Sonequa Martin (The Walking Dead) as the lead.

And today, they make their biggest publicity push yet, with the release of their first official trailer. The trailer opens with Martin and Yeoh traversing a vast and empty desert in a decidedly un-Star Trek-like fashion. But it quickly cuts to scenes of spaceships, aliens, and bridge decks that we are more accustomed to.

The trailer reveals that in addition to the human officers of the Discovery, Klingons and Vulcans will take on fairly prominent roles in the new series. Of course, as this show takes place 10 years before the original series (and hundreds of years before Worf joins Starfleet), it’s safe to say that the Klingon and Federation aren’t exactly on good terms.

Star Trek die-hards may worry about timeline continuity (something that all true Trekkies wring their hands about frequently, and that JJ Abrams conveniently sidestepped with the whole Kelvin timeline in his feature films). But judging by the first trailer, the CGI effects are cutting edge (especially by television standards) and the characters feel complex and well formed. It will be a few months yet before we know whether this show truly lives up to its predecessors, but for now, Star Trek fans can take solace in the fact that in spite of a bumpy start, Star Trek: Discovery is quickly approaching launch.

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