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The Return of the Magician Unlocked: Escape Room
Escape rooms are really huge now with locations popping up all over the place. The market is definitely booming, and that’s great news for escape room enthusiasts. The Nerd Reactor team recently went to check out Unlocked: Escape Room’s The Return of the Magician in Orange County, CA. What makes this a novel and amusing experience is the magician theme that throws illusions at you. If you are able to escape the room, you’ll feel like an escape artist like Houdini. (No, you won’t have to dunk yourself inside a water tank while being tied upside down.)

The Return of the Magician is located in the Sky Park Circle in Irvine, which also houses two other escape room companies. (One is Puzzle Workshop created by designers at Blizzard.) Since the magician is gone, we have one hour to escape while also figuring out clues for the many different magic tricks like swords through a box and disappearing acts.

Being Handcuffed

Upon entering the first room, everyone had to be tied or handcuffed. Furthermore, one person is stuck in a straight jacket and another tied to a chair. And the rest are cuffed to the walls. The first step is to read the clues around the room to find the key to the handcuffs. Once it is found, we can then figure out clues to open up a chest that led to another clue. This resulted in us walking into a room that transformed into another room. I had a mind-exploding moment, and you really had to experience it yourself to see what I’m talking about.

The main magician’s room is where most of the puzzles are at. It comprises of notable magic items like the magic box where you saw a person in half or the sword that stabs through a box. (No, you’re not supposed to crawl inside the person cut in half box, however, you can enter the sword through the box. This is where the room can split the group in half. Groups will be in for a treat as they get to witness many hidden surprises. And to reveal them would ruin the experience.

Our group had to use two hints, something I’m not too proud of. But in the end, we were able to make it out. The room has a success rate of 44%. You can also opt for the Ultimate Challenge that gives you no hints. The success rate for that is 11%.

If you’re in the Southern California area, be sure to check out The Return of the Magician in Irvine. The puzzles are inventive and clever with many magical twists.

To book a room, visit http://www.unlockedoc.com/.

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