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As we get close to the end of the month, we get closer to the release date of season 3’s premiere for Twin Peaks. It’s coming up quick, and I’m so ready for it. To get you up to date with where we left off in season 2 and prepare you for season 3, let’s go back on a few details. Also, let’s not to forget that season 3 episode 1 airs on May 21st of this year.

*Spoilers Ahead*

1: When Does the New Season Take Place?

Season 3 takes place 25 years after where we left off in season 2. If you remember, Agent Cooper’s last visit to the Black Lodge resulted in Laura Palmer telling him that she’ll see him again in 25 years. Season 3 happens to take place, exactly at that time, sticking with the continuity of the entire show.

Let’s review a few things that happened in the last episode of season 2.

2: The Five W’s with Cooper and Annie

Agent Cooper visits the Black Lodge after Annie is captured by Windom Earle and taken away. They both escape at the end, but Agent Cooper wakes up and looks at himself in the mirror, revealing that Bob has found a new host. My question is: how have the last 25 years been if Bob remained in Agent Cooper? And where is Annie?

3: Who Survived the Bank Explosion? 

Audrey was in the same bank that blew up at the end of season 2, when Andrew Packard, Pete Martell, and the bank manager were doing some business there. While this raises many questions as to who survived in the bank, Audrey is the only one confirmed for season 3, assuming that she was the only one to survive. But this was another unanswered question I’m hoping will be answered in the first episode of season 3.

4: Who Killed Laura Palmer?

Let’s not forget that in the past seasons, Bob, who has possessed Leland for quite some time, finally confesses that he killed Laura Palmer. In doing so, Bob releases himself from Leland’s body, where Leland comes to the realization of what has been done and has a moment of solitude before he dies. Now that Bob was confirmed to be Laura’s killer, and now that he’s entered into Agent Cooper’s body, who will he kill next? And has he been killing for the past 25 years?

5: Will Leo Ever Make It Back? 

Last time we saw Leo, he was under control by Windom Earle. He has little to no ways of speaking properly and has lost it mentally. No one has been able to find him, so will he ever make it back to civilization? Will he be found in season 3, or has he made his way back over the lost time in between each season?

6: Where Art Thou, James? 

James never made an appearance towards the end of the second season. He left town and left Donna behind and never made his way back. Will he be seen in season 3? And where has he been hiding away for the past 25 years?

7: What the Heck, Josie Packard? 

We all remember Josie Packard’s dramatic death season towards the end of season 2. But the weirdest part of the whole thing? During her autopsy, it was stated that she only weighed around 65 pounds at her death. Later, both Ben Horne and Pete see Josie in wooden objects at the Great Northern. What the hell does this even mean? None of these things are explained at all and we don’t really brush up on Josie after that. I’m really hoping that this is brushed up on in the newest season.

8: What Kind of Importance Is General Briggs?

Garland Briggs, Bobby Brigg’s father, is part of a higher intelligence project involving the military. Throughout most of the show, he is missing and is in a completely different place than Twin Peaks. He ends up coming back from his journey and explaining some things regarding Bob, but not everything. Where does he go when he’s abducted?

Check out this brief of the last time we see General I found on the Twin Peaks Wiki:

“The next morning, Briggs had breakfast with his wife at the diner. Sarah Palmer soon came with Doctor Jacoby and she told him ‘I’m in the Black Lodge with Dale Cooper,’ in a man’s voice.

Briggs soon realized that the person needed to complete his and Milford’s work was Dale Cooper. After the men met, Briggs went to Listening Post Alpha on his own, fearing that he misinterpreted Milford’s final message. Briggs then sent out a ‘MAYDAY’ signal, abruptly ending the dossier.”

For those of you who want a recap of our last moments in the Black Lodge, check out this video below:

9: Who Will Be Returning for Season 3? 

A big thing to pay attention to is the confirmed returning cast. This could reveal some clues on what stories we’ll be touching upon, and who survived whatever situation:

  • Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan)
  • Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee)
  • Leland Palmer (Ray Wise)
  • Sarah Palmer (Grace Zabriskie)
  • Maddy Ferguson (Sheryl Lee)
  • Ronette Pulaski (Phoebe Augustine)
  • Bobby Briggs (Dana Ashbrook)
  • Betty Briggs (Charlotte Stewart)
  • Mike Nelson (Gary Hershberger)
  • Shelly Johnson (Mädchen Amick)
  • Heidi (Andrea Hays)
  • James Hurley (James Marshall)
  • Dr Lawrence Jacoby (Russ Tamblyn)
  • Audrey Horne (Sherilyn Fenn)
  • Ben Horne (Richard Beymer)
  • Jerry Horne (David Patrick Kelly)
  • Sylvia Horne (Jan D’Arcy)
  • Doctor William Hayward (Warren Frost
  • Big Ed Hurley (Everett McGill)
  • Norma Jennings (Peggy Lipton)
  • Deputy Tommy ‘Hawk’ Hill (Michael Horse)
  • Lucy Moran (Kimmy Robertson)
  •  Deputy Andy Brennan (Harry Goaz)
  • Albert Rosenfield (Miguel Ferrer)
  • GORDON COLE (David Lynch)
  • DEA Dennis/Denise Bryson (David Duchovny)
  • Philip Gerard/ ‘Mike’ The One-Armed Man (Al Strobel)
  • The Giant (Carel Struycken)
  • Carl Rodd (Harry Dean Stanton)
  • Roadhouse Singer (Julee Cruise)
  • The Log Lady (Catherine E. Coulson)

Don’t Forget To Check Out the Teaser Trailers that Have Been Released so Far: 

Wanting to get hype for the next season? Start watching the first two seasons on Netflix now! Certainly don’t forget to watch Fire Walk With Me, as it will provide even more answers. And check out these cool videos below that could possibly get you hype for the newest addition to the show:

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