Here’s the reason for Star-Lord’s father change in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

Star-Lord's father
Like millions of people, you’ve probably already seen Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. However, if you haven’t been following the Guardians of the Galaxy comic book, then chances are you haven’t noticed a major character change. That character in question is Star-Lord’s father.

In the comic books, he goes by J’son, and he’s the king of the Spartax planetary system. In the film, though, Kurt Russel plays Star-Lord’s father is Ego. Comic book readers might also get a kick out of that because they know that Ego is actually a living planet. There’s a slight twist, though. In Guardians 2, Russell is a cosmic being known as a Celestial and acts as the human form, or avatar, of the planet he inhabits. It’s a little out there.

So, why did writer/director James Gunn make this change? The filmmaker discussed this and other changes he made during a recent question-and-answer session with fans on Facebook Live. He was quite blunt in his response.

“I do not like J’son,” Gunn said. “I just don’t like the character very much. I also thought it was too much like a Star Wars thing because of the royalty and all of that.” Gun already had a plan for the character before the first film was released and knew he would be a “Celestial being who was up to absolutely no good.”

The revelation that Kurt Russell would be playing Ego the Living Planet has probably shocked many people. How would something like that even work? Even though the movie explains it all, it’s still a little bizarre. Gunn addressed this as well.

It’s more an “out-there, crazy, interesting idea than just being some sort of king that wears what looks like a Navy uniform,” he said.

Will J’son Appear in Future Films?

So, it’s safe to assume that Gunn will definitely include J’son in future projects. Fine, just kidding. Don’t expect to see the character in any Guardians films in the near future. The director did apologize for being so negative, though, which might please some fans.

What did you think of the changes made to Star-Lord’s father? Let us know in the comment section below.

You can see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 today in theaters everywhere.

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