American Gods episode 3 ‘Head Full of Snow’ (recap)

American Gods episode 3
American Gods Episode 3 Introduces New Gods

This week’s episode of American Gods keeps tradition by opening with the introduction of a new god, Anubis. The Egyptian god of the dead and guide to the afterlife greets a woman in Queens who has just died. They climb her fire escape stairs into the sky where she is judged. Anubis places a feather on one side of the scale then pulls her heart from her chest to place it opposite to the feather. It is determined she lived a good life and is given a choice between five doors to enter the next realm. It’s not clear which side of the war Anubis will be taking, but this introduction suggests he might weigh judgment on one of our known characters next. Could it be Shadow knowing he received a recent death sentence from Czernobog? Check out the rest of our recap for American Gods episode 3.

Shadow wakes up in the middle of the night while still staying with the Zorya sisters and Czernobog. He has only hours to make good on his promise to allow Czernobog to kill him at sunrise after losing to him in a game of checkers. An open window draws Shadow to a ladder leading to the roof of the building where he meets the third Zorya sister. We see why she was left sleeping and not to be disturbed. She is a guardian closely watching a cosmic sky through telescopes. She gives Shadow a coin for protection. And when he wakes up, he thinks it’s all a dream until he finds the coin in his pocket.

There’s still time before sunrise, so Shadow challenges Czernobog to another game of checkers in hopes of changing his fate. Doubting that Czernobog can kill him with one strike to the head with his hammer, he wages that if he loses he can have another swing. If Shadow wins, Czernobog will accompany them to Wisconsin to help them in their war and carry out his promised execution at a later date. Shadow wins this time and awakens to see the light of day.

Mr. Wednesday’s task for the day is to rob a bank. Having just been released from prison, Shadow is not up for it. It takes some convincing but he goes along with it as an accomplice to what turns out to be a petty con scheme and not an armed robbery. Mr. Wednesday poses as a security guard in front of an out of order ATM and night drop outside of a bank in broad daylight. With an official clipboard, customers willingly hand over their night drop envelopes full of cash. So this is how Mr. Wednesday has been making a living.

Mr. Wednesday asks Shadow to think of the snow and imagine the clouds above forming into a storm. Thinking it’s silly, Shadow questions him but is persuaded to give it a try. On a bright and sunny day, it starts snowing giving the duo the perfect distraction. Shadow further questions whether he really made it snow or if he is just completely delusional. Mr. Wednesday suggests either is possible.

American Gods Episode 3 Introduces the Jinn

Another new god enters the show as a taxi driver, the Jinn (genie), only this one doesn’t grant wishes. He picks up a business man and they begin flirting in the cab. They go to a hotel for a very intense sexual encounter. Unlike Bilquis whose victims are unaware of her powers, this man seems to know he has met the Jinn and probably thinks he will be granted a wish. We see the man leaving the hotel to enter the cab in the driver’s seat to realize this is not the man, it’s the Jinn assuming the man’s body.

Mad Sweeney Returns

Lastly we finally get to see Mad Sweeney, the Leprechaun, again. This time it seems that his luck has run out. He wakes up from a rough night in the toilet of a bar. He is then thrown out onto the street and sets out on foot. A nice man picks him up and offers Sweeney a ride to Wisconsin. Sweeney kicks back to get some sleep but it’s not long before his bad luck strikes again. In a violent twist, the driver is impaled through the face from a freak accident. This is due to a pole coming loose from a truck in front of them.

As confirmation that Mad Sweeney’s luck has run dry, he sifts through all of his gold to find his lucky coin. It’s missing and must be the one that he gave Shadow. He tracks down the coin to its resting place on Laura Moon’s grave, only the coin and body of Laura are missing. Shadow returns to his hotel room to find Laura waiting for him on his bed.


American Gods episode 3 photo courtesy of Starz.

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