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Ally Ioannides as Tilda – Into the Badlands _ Season 2, Episode 9 – Photo Credit: Antony Platt/AMC AMC

With only one episode left, Into the Badlands has thrown so many surprises this season that we absolutely have no idea what is going to happen in the season finale. The series has proven that no one is safe, including leads Oliver Stark and Ally Ioannides. Fortunately, Tilda is still alive. It has been confirmed by the writers that Widow just knocked her out.

Many fan theories have been proven from this episode. The Widow is Flea, the child Bajie saved from the temple. It’s no wonder that she knew so much about MK’s powers and Azra. Unfortunately, she did not keep a good relationship with Bajie and created some doubts for viewers on whether or not to trust him. I’m not so sure anymore.

But, we do know that the Widow has become the villain, especially if her own loyal ‘daughter’ questioned her. She said she wanted to protect the innocent, but she turned Veil in, lied to Sunny, started an alliance with Quinn, and baked Tilda. She is not the same Widow she initially wanted to be. This may be Sunny’s, and now MK, biggest fight.

It’s now a three-way, Mexican stand-off between Sunny, Quinn, and Widow. It’s hard to interpret what is going to happen, but we can know for sure – Sunny is safe, because let’s be real. He’s the main character. The others are not so safe if we look at what happened to Ryder.

With the death of Quinn’s son and Widow’s daughter betraying her, it makes you wonder if Sunny is going to lose someone close to him on his team, either through death or betrayal. I can’t help but think each baron leader betrayed each of their own child. I don’t think Sunny is going to kill or betray Henry, because that’s just wrong. But, if the writers are trying to do a theme and symbolism, then possibly MK or Bajie. Honestly though, I hope not.

As for Lydia and Veil, I really hope they figure out a way to escape. I feel like one of Quinn’s men didn’t approve of Quinn hitting Veil. He could possibly be turned on their side. Maybe, just maybe, one of Quinn’s men realizes that hitting a woman is wrong and try to help them.

This season may be better than last season, especially with the fighting. The choreography and writing has stepped up their game. There were so many twists and turns this season that were so interesting and helped with character development. I’m impressed with how Into the Badlands has grown. The addition of Nick Frost  and Stephen Lang as series regulars added some comedy and lightheartedness to the show.

I’m anticipating the season finale to leave us in tears and suspense. I do expect a cliffhanger and I know I’m going to scream at the end of the episode because Into the Badlands is just so good at it.

Emily Beecham as The Widow – Into the Badlands _ Season 2, Episode 9 – Photo Credit: Antony Platt/AMC

Into the Badlands Recap:

It begins with 20 years ago with Bajie as an abbot talking to Flea, who is in a chest. Suddenly, it gets dark. Flea has activated her powers and breaks through the chest and fights Bajie. We see that Flea is a feisty redhead who is obviously The Widow.

He snaps her out of her trance and looks through her bag and finds the book to Azra. They become friends. She introduces herself as Minerva aka The Widow.

Back to current times, the Widow has taken Sunny to her fort where her men and Butterflies train. The Widow tells Sunny that they must attack Quinn, because he’s a danger to everyone. MK and Tilda come in. Sunny tells Widow to protect MK and that he no longer has his powers. The Widow agrees and offers clothes and sleeping quarters to Sunny and MK.

Bajie is outside of the Butterfly base and beats himself up to look like a runaway cog. After much convincing, the Widow’s men let him through.

Tilda and MK have a moment together. She asks him about his powers. He tells her he finally feels free and can focus on Azra. He tells her she could come with him. Tilda tells him that she met someone. He kissed her cheek and tells her she deserves to be happy. Odessa interrupts them telling Tilda that the Widow would like to speak to her. Tilda introduces MK to Dessa who is kind to get. Dessa runs away in shock. Tilda runs after Dessa who tells Tilda that MK is dangerous. She was in the shipment of cogs that MK was a part of that he murdered. Tilda defends MK. She tells Dessa that MK is no longer like that and he has no control of those powers. Dessa wants Tilda to promise to stay away from MK. When Tilda says nothing, Dessa walks away.

Back at Quinn’s fort, Quinn gives Gabriel a taste of ice cream. Quinn then asks Gabriel to do something for him and hands him a dufflebag. Inside it, it looks to be a bomb.

Veil and Henry come to Quinn who asks why she’s been quiet since hearing about Sunny. She tells him she doesn’t want to waste her breath on a dead man. Quinn is arrogant and tells her that she’s his wife and no harm will come to him. She slaps him as he tries to touch her. He slaps her back. He then sends her to be locked up without Henry. Lydia looks Quinn with disgust.

Sunny is looking at the map of the plans. Waldo interrupts him about the plans. Sunny confronts Waldo about switching alliances. Waldo tells him that he just does what he can to survive. They talk about killing Quinn. Waldo warns him about the Widow and to go to Waldo’s old shed for some weapons. They part ways.

Lydia has made Quinn a meal. She tells him she thought he’d die honorably, not commanding an underground train station army. Quinn asks if she would like to go. She tells him she made a vow to stay with him. Quinn sees through her and knows she’s been talking with Veil about escaping from Quinn. His men then come and tell him the tunnels are sealed – with no one going in or out. Quinn tells his men to go along with the plan.

MK looked out the window and waved at Tilda. Tilda walked away without acknowledging him. The Widow tells MK that Tilda missed him. She then tells him that he could reactivate his powers and shows him the book of Azra. She tells him that they both can restore their powers. MK tells her he doesn’t want his gift back. He wants to go to Azra. Widow tells him to think about it.

Sunny sees refugees from the other territories coming out of a truck who seek refuge with the Widow. Gabriel comes out from the truck.

Sunny goes to the Widow who is in the armory getting ready for war. He asks her what will happen after killing Quinn. She tells him they will all go their separate ways.

They hear a scream from a butterfly who Gabriel has hostage. He then kills the Butterfly and says he has a message for Sunny from “Veil”. Gabriel tells Sunny that Veil is Quinn’s wife and Henry’s father. He also reveals that Widow have Veil to Quinn. Widow strikes him with a knife, but Gabriel isn’t dead. He shows a bomb attached to his body and tells her the alliance is over and sets the bomb off. Everyone is knocked down with several dead. Sunny and Widow stare at each other with the Widow attempting to kill him. He runs off and fights her men. As he escapes, he is saved by Bajie. Sunny asks Bajie to get MK and take him to the fort. Sunny leaves to Quinn’s.

MK sees the casualties from the explosion and is pulled aside by Bajie who says they need to go to the fort. Bajie also tells him they need to get the book of Azra. MK knows where it is. Bajie reveals the Widow to be Flea and that he has the Azra compass. Odessa heard it all.

Henry is crying his lungs off while with Quinn. Lydia tells him to give Henry back to Veil because he’s hungry. Quinn finally gives in and tells Lydia to give Henry back to him after Veil is done.

MK and Bajie try to find the book, but the Widow comes in with the book aware of their intentions due to Dessa. Widow says hello to Bajie and tells MK that Bajie will abandon him like he did to her. Bajie tells her they aren’t leaving without the book. A bunch of Butterflies surround them. The Widow tells Bajie to deliver his promise to decipher the book.

Lydia is being taken to Veil in a unknown location. She sees in another room that bombs are being placed. Lydia enters Veil’s room and hands Henry over. Lydia tells Veil that they cannot wait for Sunny because there are bombs rigged everywhere. They will need to find their own way out.

The Widow is looking through the Azra book and sees Tilda enter the room. The Widow confronts Tilda over her allegiance. Angry, Tilda confronts the Widow over being power-hungry and stabbing innocent lives in the back. They fight in an epic battle. Tilda is left bloodied begging for the Widow to finish the job. The Widow knocks her out.

Into the Badlands season finale airs next Sunday at 10 pm on AMC.


Article has been updated. The article previously stated that Tilda was killed, but the writers of Into the Badlands confirmed Tilda was just knocked out.

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