The King of Fighters XIV set for a PC release

The King of Fighters XIVSince its release back in August, The King of Fighters XIV has been an exclusive title on the PlayStation 4. Well, that’s about to change as SNK recently announced on Twitter that it will be porting the game over to Steam. That wasn’t the only news. SNK also revealed that it will be holding a closed beta test this month.

There haven’t been any more details about The King of Fighters XIV Steam release. It would definitely be a plus to see SNK add a few options such as cross-play functionality between PlayStation 4 and Steam users.

Last month, SNK released a 2.0 patch for The King of Fighters XIV which has really improved the game overall. The patch added quite a few changes that include improved visuals and character balancing. When the game launched, all characters had 1,000 health. But now each character has been given individual health values.

The 2.0 update also included new stages and music tracks added. Most importantly it saw the release of four new playable characters: Whip, Ryuji Yamazaki, Vanessa and Rock Howard. Each character is available for purchase right now for $5.99 each or as a bundle for $17.99. That may only be the beginning, however, as it has been rumored that Chizuru Kagura could be coming to the game in the second wave of DLC.

Evolution 2017 Is Near!

The King of Fighters XIV will also appear as one of the nine fighting games that will be featured at this year’s Evo 2017 Championship Series. While it was streamed last year, this will be the first year that it is officially on the roster.

You can follow the official SNK Twitter page for more information on the King of Fighter XIV’s Steam release.

Pre-orders for the game will be available later this month. No official release date was announced for The King of Fighters XIV official Steam release.

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