Awkward Conversations: Ep. 17 : Spidey is always Sunny

Join Awkward Conversation’s Angry Baby and Darth Boobs as they chat with the ultimate Spider-Man fan – geek, actor, model, and fitness guru, Sunny Kavana.

In this episode, the gang discusses the problems with Marvel’s Inhumans, surviving a horror movie, Lou Ferrigno vs Mark Ruffalo, Kong: Skull Island, which actor was/is the better Spider-Man, why straight men have a nerd boner for Spider-Man, and which Spider-Man characters they would marry, f*ck, and kill.

Also, listen to Nathan forget the Hulk’s real name. Yeah, that happened. Oh… it gets VERY, VERY awkward.

Check the Awkward podcast out below:

Sunny Kavana is a comic book nerd, actor/model, and R&B singer who recently joined the Comic-Con circuit. You can find Sunny Kavana all over social media on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Conversations not for the faint of the heart. It’s gonna get… awkward. A Podcast.

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