New Flash sizzle reel teases returning villains

The Flash Savitar

There are only three episodes left of this season’s The Flash, and things couldn’t be getting any crazier. Or could they? Ahead of the next episode titled “Cause and Effect,” The CW have released a brand-new sizzle reel for the remaining trio of episodes. Needless to say, the trailer definitely teases some familiar villains we haven’t seen in a while. Check it out for yourself below!

In the trailer, we get to see the return of not only the awesome King Shark, but also Captain Cold aka Leonard Snart. Snart would be coming off of a hot finish from Legends of Tomorrow, so I’m really wondering how he ended up back with the Team Flash. Not only that, but it seems that he’s giving pointers to the team on how to deal with and take down Savitar.

Speaking of Savitar, it’s going to be really interesting to see how Barry and crew deals with Evil Barry (revealed in the last episode “I Know Who You Are”), since he literally knows every move. I guess that’s the part where Snart comes in, to disrupt the norm. I’m also thinking that’s how King Shark gets involved as well. I’d really love to see a King Shark vs Savitar battle go down.

Another thing to note in the trailer is Evil Barry meeting up with a few members of Team Flash,¬†including Iris. The glimpse made it seem that maybe Iris could have a bigger role in trying to stop Savitar. There’s also a moment with Wally pleading that he let Barry down. This might be in conjunction of what Barry saw in the future, when Wally was paralyzed due to going after Savitar by himself.

There’s a few shots of Killer Frost, one of which seeming like Savitar was done with her. Maybe there’s a good chance that Caitlin Snow can show through and help in the fight because of this. We also see HR claiming he couldn’t keep his mouth shut and it comes at a heavy price. We’ll definitely be keeping an eye on what that will be. With so much craziness going on, I’m amazed they’re fitting it all into the final three episodes. I guess you have to go out with a bang right?

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