Goku vs Gohan in Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super Goku vs Gohan
In the upcoming episode of Dragon Ball Super, we are teased with a match up between father and son. Gohan wants to test his limits against Goku at his best. This is reminiscent of when Goku and Gohan trained during the Cell Games. In one scene, Gohan demanded that Goku not hold back during their training if he wants to get stronger. This could be what Gohan needs to finally reach his fullest, something that many fans felt was a waste. Goku was able to push Gohan to become a Super Saiyan and eventually the first to reach Super Saiyan Level 2. Will he be able to push Gohan to Super Saiyan God levels? We see soon enough what their training will hold and we’ll see if it’s enough to save Universe 7 in the Tournament of Power! And yes, we’ll see Goku vs Gohan.

The Tournament of Power is almost here. The past few weeks we’ve seen Goku travel around the Earth recruiting his team. Along the way he tested his teammates to ensure they had what it takes to compete. Goku was seemingly bested by a slim Majin Buu, outsmarted by husband and wife duo Krillin and 18, and was evenly matched with Android 17. While Goku was meeting with Android 17, Piccolo was training Gohan again. And like his original training as a kid, Piccolo had them both go at 100% the entire time and would only eat a senzu bean at the end of their training.

Ultimate Gohan Returns

With Piccolo’s intense training and harsh but necessary words, he was able to push Gohan beyond his limits and unlock his hidden potential from years prior. During the Majin Buu saga, Gohan trained on the Sacred World of the Kai. While training he was able to lift the Z Sword which led to it breaking and releasing the Elder Kai. Elder Kai was able to train Gohan to finally unlock Gohan’s hidden potential, something that was often teased. In his Ultimate form, Gohan has the ability to go Super Saiyan without the expense of energy. This allows him to reach levels far beyond what he is able to as a Super Saiyan. With is hidden potential unlocked, Gohan became one of the strongest fighters on Earth, even surpassing Goku. Ultimate Gohan easily overpowered Majin Buu before absorbing Gotenks and Piccolo.

Get a taste of Goku vs Gohan in the trailer below

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