Game & Talk Ep 44: Darksiders III’s Happening; Dark Souls III Winner

Welcome to Game & Talk
Welcome to Game & Talk, the greatest gaming podcast in the history of the world (the world just doesn’t know it yet), brought to you by Nerd Reactor! Join host Joey Ferris and co-hosts Alan Plummer, with Chris Del Castillo along with some featured guests as they share their opinions on the gaming world. Because why else have a gaming podcast without opinions, am I right?! Be sure to message us or comment below for any topics you want us to discuss on the podcast!

The Game & Talk crew is back at it again with another mediocre episode! We briefly talk about the Switch’s new release, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and how it might just be a little easier, or if I just got better.

Speaking of Nintendo, UNIQLO is coming out with some themed shirts created by Nintendo fans. How dope do they look?

Keeping up with the Nintendo theme… is the Mario x Rabbids RPG still a thing? Why?

Then we talk about Capcom’s new IP Code Vein. It is giving off a strong Dark Souls vibe with some anime art style.

After some lengthy banter about Injustice 2‘s horrendous Joker design, we talk about the DLC for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and why the Tingle Outfit is the greatest thing that no one asked for. Okay, maybe I asked for it but don’t tell.

The creme de la crop, however, is the announcement of Darksiders III, a series that has not seen an entry since 2012! Play as the third horseman (or horsewoman) of the apocalypse Fury with her fantastical whip in a new story.

Also, we announce the winner of Dark Souls III: The Fire Fades Edition! Be sure to message us or comment if you’re the winner! We probably already messaged you.

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