Atom: The Beginning – Three reasons why you need to watch it

If you have yet to read the Atom: The Beginning manga, fear not. It has recently been turned into an anime, and it’s slowly becoming one of my favorites. We follow the story of five staple characters, all of which are robotic scientists/enthusiasts living amongst a world of robots. It includes one that they’ve built on their own. To bring it home more, Atom: The Beginning is the prequel to the very well known series, Astro Boy. (It takes place 30 years before.)

Atom: The Beginning

If that isn’t a good enough reason for you to stop everything you’re doing and start watching right now, then I’ve got some extra reasons why it’s landed on my favorites list. And since we’re only three episodes into the series, why not pick one main reason from each to showcase you how awesome it is? (How clever, right?)

1. The Art, Colors, and Feelings It Gives You

One thing that tends to do it for me regarding shows or video games is the color scheme and/or the art style. The art style for Atom: The Beginning isn’t completely unique and something we’ve never seen before. However, it carries a little bit of a different personality in comparison to the more general stuff that’s been coming out recently. It’s not much different from other art styles, but it’s also not the same, which really stands out to me. Not only that, but the colors are vibrant and stand out quite a bit. This is something that I really enjoy, especially since it’s spring and I’m just in the mood to be thrown upon by an array of beautiful colors. Some of the colors I’m talking about are that of Ran, one of our main character’s little sister. (See her uniform down below.)

These fresh, bright colors and cute art style really give me a special type of feeling when watching the anime. When searching for a good show to invest my time on, this is one of the numbers of things I look for. And when it stands out to me, I can’t stop obsessing over it. I’m so glad that ATOM did just that for me, and it’s exciting to see what other things pop out to me in further episodes. (Some other anime that happens to be on my favorites list and has bright, fun colors are Gurren Lagann and Beyond the Boundary. Really pleasing to the eye, don’t you think?)

2. Character Development and Pacing

This aspect of Atom: The Beginning was apparent literally within the first episode. We got to know the characters right away, who they were, what they were doing, where they were, and what their main focus of research was, in episode one.

Now I’m not sure what everyone’s preference is regarding pacing, but this was amazing for me because it got me interested within minutes and has kept me interested and hooked on the show itself. While they didn’t reveal the main plot, the complete intentions of the show, and the backgrounds of every character, they gave me enough to spark something in my mind and then slowly reveal heavy parts of the storyline as we go. I got a little taste before I really got the whole meal, if you know what I mean!

Not only was the pacing great, but this allowed the character development to take place almost instantly. I knew things about the characters and their personalities right away, which allowed me to invest in them without waiting around for five episodes to feel something. I could already relate and want to attach myself to the characters in episode one. That’s really special and important to me!

3. Robots, Fun, and Cool-ass Fights

Even though I think the title of the third reason says it all, I’ll elaborate regardless.

In episode one, you get to see how the robots revolve around the world. They’re pretty much used for everything. It’s so cool to see how that would work out for our own future. Not only do you get to see the robots, you get to see some cool stuff being thrown down with them. I mean, one episode in and we already got stuff blowing up and really nice scenes to put it all together. By episode two, we get some sick robot vs. robot action. I mean, they’re really not playing around here. And by three, we have some cool technicalities regarding robots happening. We get to see the intelligent side of them, which is one of my favorite parts.

While we get straight to the action, we are also getting a taste of fun throughout it. We’re already getting to see how wild and entertaining this all could be. Not only is there a serious side to the initial plot, there’s an immense amount of fun going along with it. It’s incredible, and it’s addicting. I’m dying over the fact I have to wait once a week for these episodes.

ATOM: The Beginning So Far

Overall, ATOM: The Beginning is such a fantastic anime so far and I highly, highly recommend it. It’s fun, there’s robots, cool characters, science, drama, and more. There are pretty colors, it’s never boring, and you properly want to invest your time into this show.

If you’re watching it now, then tweet us or let us know how you’re liking it so far! And if you have yet to start, get on it! I promise you won’t regret it.

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