American Gods episode 2 ‘The Secret of Spoon’ (recap)

American Gods episode 2 'The Secret of Spoon'American Gods episode 2 ‘The Secret of Spoon’ starts to add some clarity to Shadow’s journey and also introduces several new gods to the plot. It begins with another flashback into history to introduce Anansi or Mr. Nancy (played by Orlando Jones), a trickster god taking on the form of a spider. He is summoned onto an African slave ship heading for America. Rather than freeing the men and killing their captors, he convinces them to burn the ship, giving their lives as sacrifices.

American Gods Episode 2

We pick up again with Shadow getting stitched up after being beaten and lynched by Technical Boy. Shadow confronts Mr. Wednesday and threatens to leave the job now realizing the severity of Mr. Wednesday’s enemies. With his pay doubled and a nagging curiosity to see if all that he is experiencing is real, Shadow accepts and continues on their journey.

While stopping for supplies, Shadow encounters new god Media (played by Gillian Anderson) posing as Lucille Ball on the screens in the electronics section. She tries to convince Shadow to leave Mr. Wednesday and join her cause. Reconvening with Mr. Wednesday, they hit the road towards Chicago, avoiding freeways and driving under 70mph seemingly to stay under the radar. Chicago is where Mr. Wednesday wants to pick up his hammer.

A new scene with Bilquis, an ancient love goddess, graces our screens again. This week she consumes men and women alike during sex while inhaling them through her vagina. (Yes, you should be watching this show and not just reading the recaps!) She visits a museum where we see a statue in her effigy and jewelry waiting to be reclaimed by her growing power.

Shadow and Mr. Wednesday Meet Zorya

Shadow and Mr. Wednesday make their way to Chicago for a visit with Zorya (Cloris Leachman) and her sisters. They are invited to stay for dinner by Zorya which is contested by Czernobog who returns home to find Mr. Wednesday in his house. They obviously have some bad blood and Czernobog wants nothing to do with Mr. Wednesday alliance. Over dinner, Czernobog shares his passion for death with stories of killing cattle for slaughter skillfully with one blow of his hammer. In an attempt to intimidate his guests, he shows Shadow the very hammer used for his kills and Shadow sees a vision of it dripping in blood. This must be Mr. Wednesday’s hammer they came for.

Czernobog then challenges Shadow to a game of checkers. After one friendly round, he ups the ante asking to take Shadows life with his hammer at sunrise should he win the next time. Shadow accepts the challenge. With his life at stake, the episode ends in checkmate as Shadow loses checkers to Czernobog. He now has about 12 hours to meet his fate with the old Slavic god of death.

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