Class 1×04 ‘Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart’ review

Tonight’s episode of Class focused on April and her connection to the Shadow King. As April’s past begins to reappear, the Shadow King’s connection is getting stronger with April. They begin to feel each other’s emotions, including the sexual parts too.  For example, as April is getting angry, she begins to feel the power of the Shadow King and uses his rage to attack her father. She has his strength and the ability to use the shadow sword at will. Although it is pretty cool that April has powers, the episode gets a bit awkward seeing the Shadow King and his soldier getting it on as Ram and April are. Awkward.

Again, April is a teenager trying to deal with the emotions of her dad returning and getting the most popular guy in school to bed. It gets worse now that her heart is shared with the Shadow King. But, like Tanya and Ram in the previous episodes, April proves herself to be a lot stronger than a normal teenager. She had the courage to break through a time loop and jump into the Shadow Realm. She wanted to control what was happening to her and she knew, she alone could do it.

Did anyone else get the feeling that Ram and April did move a little too fast? Their love story also feels a bit like a 90s romantic drama like Felicity and Dawson’s Creek as Ram began to woo April. I’m all for two beautiful people getting it on, but it just feels kinda forced. April was introduced in the series as this sweet and innocent girl who didn’t seem to have any experience with any sort of man but felt comfortable enough with sleeping with the hottest guy in school. No hesitation. It just seems out of character. Unless there is more to April than we thought. But then, the arrow through the heart for me was when post-coitus, Ram called April his friend. Ugh. We all know Ram does have feelings for April. Enough to follow her into the Shadow Realm, but “friend”. Come on, now. Now you’re just toying with a high school girl’s emotion.

The side story consists of new head teacher Miss Dorothea Ames, who works for the Governors, a board who run the school. Ames, who is probably an alien, wants to have Miss Quill help get rid of these killer flowers who multiply. In return, Ames offered to remove the arn from Miss Quill that Charlie’s people placed on her. The series shows the cruelty of Charlie’s control over Quill and it sort of makes you cheer for Quill to get rid of the arn. Just saying, chill out, Charlie.

Tanya, Charlie, and Matteusz are in their own little bubble discussing the moral politics of Charlie’s world: telling Miss Quill what to do and the box of souls that could be used as a weapon. Charlie seems to be in his own world believing himself to be right, but Tanya and Matteusz aren’t having it.

I did enjoy Tanya being a teenager and actually wonder about sex, especially regarding Charlie and Ram. It’s moments like those that remind you that they are still kids.

The episode ends on a cliffhanger where they all come together to try to save April, only to find April going on her own to stop the Shadow King. It makes you stop and think: what the heck is going on?

The storylines are great, but it all just seems too much in such little time. This is just the fourth episode and I feel overwhelmed with information. Hopefully, the second part of the episode next week will make more sense.

Class airs on Saturdays at 10 pm on BBC America.

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