The Flash’s Savitar reveals his identity… and fans are going crazy

The Flash's Savitar
Savitar is the big bad in the current season of The Flash on The CW. The show is has been sprinkling hints throughout the season on the true identity of the “god of speed.” Fans have been impatiently waiting for the reveal, and last night’s episode finally delivered. So who is The Flash’s Savitar?

The Flash’s Savitar Reveals His Identity (Spoilers Ahead)

Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) had a moment to reflect on what has transpired in the season. All the clues have added up with Barry finally being able to deduce the identity of Savitar. He then runs towards a location and knows that he’ll be confronting the villain speedster. Savitar indeed shows up and seems to be relieved that Barry finally knows.

Savitar gets out of his suit… and it’s Barry Allen from the future. He definitely looks different. His bangs are covering his forehead and he has facial scars on the right side of the face.

Check out his look below.

Now that we know future Barry is Savitar, why is he hellbent on killing Iris? There are many theories popping up. One describes future Barry as a product of Flashpoint where he had both parents and had no knowledge of Iris. But if that’s the case, how does future Barry know everything about the current Barry? Another theory is that future Barry likes his identity as Savitar, and to keep it that way, he’ll need to kill Iris. There’s also the speculation that this is a time remnant.

Also, what’s with the scars? Is it a result of future Barry being able to run so fast? Or maybe it’s the result of an epic battle? The scars could be caused by the friction from running too fast. That definitely explains why he needs to wear the Savitar suit.

Of course, fans have been going crazy about The Flash’s Savitar reveal:

Let us know what your theories are on why The Flash’s Savitar wants to kill Iris.

Image credit: The CW

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