Opening a real-life Heroes of the Storm loot box

real-life Heroes of the Storm loot box
A loot box is both the bane of my existence and the most rewarding experience. No matter what game you might play, it’s that moment of anticipation of seeing what you get that keeps you addicted to more. Sure we all know that RNG (Random Number Generator) is never in your favor, but it’s the draw that keeps you invested in any game. (And sometimes getting you to spend that hard earned money to keep it going). In Destiny, you want to see that Legendary weapon. In MMOs you want the epic loot. And in Overwatch/Heroes of the Storm, you want everything from skins, voice clips, heroes, mounts and other items. So what would it be like to open a real-life Heroes of the Storm loot box?

Surprise Loot Box

With the recent 2.0 update for Heroes of the Storm, we received a mysterious package from Blizzard Entertainment. And what a surprise it was when we found a loot box inside made to look like it came right out of the game. It’s filled with plenty of Loot/Swag including some Heroes and Skins. It’s been some time since I’ve played Heroes of the Storm. This is due to the fact that I find a lot of my free time spent on Overwatch. But with the addition of Overwatch characters D.Va and Genji, plus a lot of cool new stuff being added to the game, I might find myself playing the game once again.

I have to say opening a real-life Heroes of the Storm loot box is everything I imagined it to be. It’s fun, exciting and addicting. I can’t thank Blizzard enough for sending over the loot box. And I also can’t express just how much of a great job they did in actually building the replica. I have to say that the loot box itself will look great in the office.

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