Nintendo-themed t-shirts are coming to UNIQLO

Nintendo-themed t-shirts
Starting May 19th, Nintendo-themed t-shirts are heading to UNIQLO stores worldwide.

Last July, UNIQLO teamed up with Nintendo to hold the global t-shirt design competition and the results are in. The top designs have been selected by Shigeru Miyamoto and members of the Nintendo team. Only three winners were chosen, but in the end, Nintendo fans are the real winners. They get to have an awesome selection of shirts set to be sold including Mario, Pikmin, Splatoon, Pokemon, and Legends of Zelda. You can see them in the gallery below including the top three winners.

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There is something for everyone, including a few shirts that I am jealous of since they are only being made for kids. These include a really adorable looking Kirby and a bad-ass looking Star Fox and Zelda shirt. You can see the 25 shirts chosen over at the UNIQLO website. Ther’s also the list of creator’s name and country for each on the t-shirts.

What’s the Damage?

So how much will each shirt run you? Kid sizes will be available for $9.90 while the men and women will cost $14.90 a piece. At $15 a piece, it sounds like a great excuse to fill my closet with some new shirts that go along with the Nintendo-themed Vans shoes I bought last year.

I am a bit sad to see that there weren’t any Kid Icarus or F-Zero t-shirts being released. And dare I say I would have loved to see a Fire Emblem shirt or two added. With over 16,000 entries, it would be interesting to see what didn’t end up being chosen leading up to the final choices.

You can see the entire lineup of t-shirts being made available later this month over at the UNIQLO website.

Which one of the Nintendo-themed t-shirts is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below.

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