Superman fights the KKK in upcoming movie

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Credit: DC Comics

For the most part, studios tend to play it safe with superhero films. However, an upcoming movie has the potential to actually stir up some real controversy, according to Empire. Lotus Entertainment and Paperchase Films are producing a film based partly on Superman Vs The KKK. This is part of Superman’s non-fiction history.

The film, to be written by Katherine Lindberg, is inspired by the real-life story behind the 1946 The Adventures of Superman radio drama, “Clan Of The Fiery Cross”. It’s based on the 2012 Rick Bowers book Superman Versus The Ku Klux Klan: The True Story Of How The Iconic Superhero Battled The Men Of Hate.

We’re accustomed to seeing Superman fight aliens and other super powered beings.Bbut this story will remind fans of the character’s dedication to fighting real life threats.

In an interview with hbook, Bowers reflected, “Superman was first dubbed the ‘champion of the oppressed’ and only later became famous as the champion of truth, justice, and the American way. The original Man of Steel had a strong social conscience that led him to thwart wife beaters, corrupt politicians, greedy industrialists, foreign dictators, and Nazi spies.”

It’s Only Natural

Considering the hero’s history and beliefs, Bowers thinks it’s only natural the Man of Steel would take on the men of hate. “Superman was shaped as a force for openness and fairness and a positive future for all,” Bowers says. “The KKK was openly anti-Semitic, hostile to liberal democracy, and wanted to turn the clock back.”

Lotus Entertainment’s Bill Johnson says, “The themes of this true story fall right in line with the type of stories that inspired me to want to make movies in the first place.”

The new Lotus producer Marc Rosen and PaperChase CEO Dillon Jordan put the deal together, along with Lotus’ VP Acquisitions Daniel Brandt. There’s no official release date at this time.

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