Class 1×03 ‘Nightvisiting’ episode review

It looks like Class is dedicating each episode to one of the students to better understand their story. Last week, we learned a little bit about Ram. This week, we get to know Tanya.

In the first three minutes of the program, we saw the evolution of Tanya’s parents, particularly her father, as they fell in love and became a happy family. Her father died suddenly, leaving the family heartbroken. Two years after his death, Tanya mourned for the father she missed dearly. Of course, with a rip in time and space, her “father” returns mysteriously to try to “unite” their souls. Tanya is a smart one and this proves it. She questions his existence there the entire time and doesn’t allow her heart to cloud her judgment. The creature may look like her father, but she knows it is no way her father. Vivian Oparah does a fine job playing the skeptical, but the heartbroken child of a dead man standing before her. There are moments where you wanted her to embrace her father, but you know it would not be good for her.

At the same time, we learn a bit more about Miss Quill through her relationship with her “sister”, who comes in the same alien form. Quill is a likable character despite always being moody. Her moodiness and anger is what makes her character full of personality and gives her a bit of intelligence and doubt for stuff like this. The conversation between Quill and her sister sets the mood of what kind of childhood Quill went through to become this hardened character. But, we also learn the truth that her sister wouldn’t be this nice, which was satisfying watching her take revenge on the creature.

The other parts of the storyline – April/Ram and Charlie/Matteusz – seemed a bit too lovey-dovey and forced. I am not one for romance on television, especially for a supernatural show, but this seemed too much. April told Ram about her history regarding his father, which we see sets up the episode next week, but Ram seemed too easily swayed by her. It could be he just lost his girlfriend, so his emotions may be rebounding to the next pretty girl. I just don’t buy that they would just naturally fall for it each other. As for Charlie and Matteusz, that just seems too quick too. I am happy that an LGBTQ relationship is shown, but this also feels forced in how fast they moved on. The series also seemed to just want to show two beautiful shirtless people, which I honestly cannot complain about, but it feels pointless.

Class keeps getting more and more interesting as we learn about each student. At first, you think what was the reason each was chosen for this Scooby Gang, but as each episode airs, we see just how well they mesh together.

Class airs on Saturdays at 10 pm on BBC America.

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