Reebok Alien Stomper sneakers will channel your inner Ripley and Xenomorph

Reebok Alien Stomper
April 26th has passed, and it was known as Alien Day. (The date 4/26 comes from the numbers in moon LV-426 from the films.) In James Cameron’s Aliens, Ripley is seen sporting the “Alien Stomper” boots, courtesy of Reebok. To honor that day, the shoe company did an unveiling of the Reebok Alien Stomper shoes that were inspired by the Alien films. The designs are definitely different from the movie version, but fans will definitely recognize the color schemes and designs.

The different pairs are inspired by the climactic battle between Ripley and the Xenomorph Queen. Getting the “Final Battle” pack will get you both pairs.

The Queen Alien Stomper

As you can guess, the Xenomorph’s exoskeleton inspires the appearance of the Queen Alien Stomper sneakers. It’s sleek and glossy, a great way to commemorate the dangerous alien. It is made of high-sheen black patent leather and features a green glow at the bottom, representing the deadly and corrosive alien blood. To complete the look, the “XX121” embroidery can be seen on the side, representing the code name given to the creature.

The Powerloader Alien Stomper

Ripley was able to battle the Queen thanks to the iconic cargo suit. The suit’s yellow and black colors and design inspire the look of the Powerloader Alien Stomper. In addition, the red arrows add a nice touch throughout the sneakers to represent the suit’s hydraulic movement. Other nods include the debossed “PWL” heel graphics and the P-5000 serial number.

The Reebok Alien Stomper “Final Battle” pack will be available on July 18th for $325. (July 18th marks the release of Aliens.) The shoe sizes are unisex.

For more info on the Alien Stompers, please visit here.

Reebok also released a little fun claymation video of the sneakers. The Powerloader Alien Stomper sneaker transforms into Ripley’s cargo suit. It then takes on the Xenomorph that then turns into the Queen Alien Stomper sneaker.

Reebok Alien Stomper Video

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