These new Street Fighter V costumes are downright fierce

Earlier this month, Capcom announced it would be adding three new Street Fighter V DLC high school costumes for Ryu, Chun-Li and Juri. Along with the outfits came a remastered version of Street Fighter II’s Thailand Stage. As for the outfits, these won’t be the only premium outfits available.

Three more premium outfits will be available including Alex, Rainbow Mika and another for Chun-Li. Let’s take a quick look at each one:


Alex heads into battle complete in firefighter gear. I am not sure just how effective fighting a fire shirtless can be, but with Alex you never know. What’s interesting to notice is that he has a fire hose wrapped around his shoulder with an axe strapped to his back… He may look dangerous, but remember, only you can prevent forest fires!

Street Fighter V

Here is also a quick look at a few different designs that came around during development of the costume.

Rainbow Mika

Next, we have Rainbow Mika in a Cheerleader outfit. The wrestling beauty comes fully equipped with colorful pom poms which I guess helps distract from the beating you may take if you are up close. I do have to wonder what type of outfit her partner Nadeshiko will be wearing?

Here is a look at a few different concept designs for R. Mika’s cheerleader outfit.


Last but not least we have one more outfit for Chun-Li. While we’ve seen Chun-Li in a variety of battle outfits across the series, this one looks like she just finished a day of paperwork at the office. It still is a great look for Chun-Li. I am not a fan of all that brown but it still works.

Here are the different Chun-Li’s concept designs.

I do like a few of the different concept designs shown, but overall the one chosen looks like it fits the best? What do you think?

All six premium costumes will be available to download later on today for $3.99 on either the PlayStation 4 or PC version of Street Fighter V.

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