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The horror video game genre has been around for quite some time now and has made monumental strides throughout the decades. I’ve played a lot of these horror games on different platforms, and they all bring something different to the table. In the early days, PC horror games tended to be a little bit different than console horror games. However, as both platforms eventually started to adapt and evolve, time has finally led us to our current modern horror games. Step in, Little Nightmares.

Tarsier Studios, a Swedish development team, created Little Nightmares, and it isn’t your typical horror game. There are no apocalyptic zombies, or monsters hunting for your flesh or soul. You’re not going to be armed to the teeth with guns, blades, or bombs. In fact, it’s in complete contrast to those types of games. I would say, from what we know of Little Monsters, it’s more of a psychological horror as it is a survival game.

The game’s protagonist isn’t your typical “hero” in the game. You basically begin as a little girl named, Six, and all you’re wearing is a yellow raincoat. You don’t have any weapons or tools immediately at your disposal, nor do you have any physical abilities to beat up your enemies. You’re this little girl, and on your person is just a lighter for you to utilize in this dark nightmarish world.

As Six, you try to navigate and survive this nightmarish world of “giants” around you. They look distorted and not at all human, but it will be game over if they end up getting their hands on you. You traverse through the environments in a 2D camera position (even though it’s still 3D) and attempt to hide under furniture and solve puzzles to complete the game.

Some have translated this game as a look into the world of adults through the eyes of a child – where everything is weird and strange to them. However, it could also be taken as is: a little girl trapped in a nightmarish world of giants. Either way, I don’t think anyone is wrong on how they translate this game in their own minds.

Whatever the case may be, this game looks to be pretty intense, and the atmosphere for the game already makes it seem terrifying to be a little person trying to navigate themselves amidst a “Tim Burton-esque” world. Let’s face it, if you were actually in a Tim Burton movie as yourself, you’d probably be like Six.

Check out the trailer below!

Little Nightmares releases on all platforms on April 28th.


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