Into the Badlands 2×06 ‘Leopard Stalks Through Snow’ recap & review


After the devastating blast at Quinn’s hideout, Lydia wakes to find a large group of her clippers has been killed or injured. She turns to see the rest of the Clipper force being killed off by Quinn and his men. Quinn sees Lydia his sword at her face and says Hello.

Sunny, Bajie, and the two people they saved, Porsha and Amelia, arrive at a fort area looking for a doctor. Porsha, who is still injured by Nos, told them to go there. They find the place filled with high people and finds the healer.

Veil and Henry are deep in the forest. Veil sighs with relief at freedom for her and Henry. She hears Quinn’s men looking for her. She hides and hopes to muffle the sounds of Henry. She is saved by a woman in the forest who take her and Henry away.

Lydia is held captive by Quinn in his fort. He asks her if she was planning on killing him.She tells him she came to avenge her son. His men come in and tell him they could not find Veil and the baby. Quinn tells them to keep looking for her. Lydia scoffs at him and tells him the pretty, young ones will always leave him. She tells him she came back to just put a dagger through his heart. He gives her a dagger to kill him. She tries to, but he stops her and they embrace in a passionate kiss.

The healer tells Sunny that Porsha will live and will grant him anything that he needs. Sunny requests fuel and the wall checkpoint. The healer told him to wait until morning because it’ll be pitch black. Sunny tells the healer that Sunny is the reason he got cut, which the healer tells Sunny that he’s not a bad man.

Tilda visits Odessa who is supposed to be training with the others. Odessa tells Tilda that she will be leaving because the Widow is going to form an alliance with Quinn. Odessa does not want to be under Quinn’s rule again and, therefore, cannot trust the Widow. Tilda explains to Odessa that the Widow gave her life and we learn Tilda’s backstory. Tilda was a house cog for the Widow’s husband. After the Widow would sleep, the Widow’s husband would knock on her door and take advantage of Tilda. The Widow saved her by killing him. With that, Odessa agreed to stay for Tilda and kisses her. They are interrupted by Waldo who calls Tilda for the Widow. As they are walking, Tilda tells him about the kiss, but he cuts her off and doesn’t care, but reminds her of Sunny’s weakness.

As Tilda is walking, a cart full of runaways come in and Tilda sees Veil and Henry. Tilda asks for Sunny and MK, but Veil tells her they aren’t with her and requests to see the Widow.

MK, who has run away from the temple and is wearing a corpse’s outfit, finds food in a garden. As he is eating a carrot, he is attacked by a man who calls him a thief. MK is cut badly and bleeding but is not transforming, which shocks him. MK apologizes to the man who is about to kill him when MK is saved by Ava. She tells him that the monks are coming after them, they need to move.

Veil tells the Widow what she went through with Quinn. Waldo promises Veil and Henry’s baby that they will be safe. The Widow says she’ll try to help Veil find Sunny if she would tell her where Quinn’s fort is. Tilda and Waldo leave the Widow and Veil to talk. The Widow shows Veil the Azra book that MK stole to bring to Veil. The Widow asks if Veil was able to translate the text and to try again, because it may help them win the war.

MK and Ava see an abandoned motel and he tells her they should rest. Ava tells him they must keep going because the monks can track him through his gift. He tells her he doesn’t have the gift anymore. Ava thinks it may have had to do with what MK saw in the mirror chamber.

Bajie is getting high off the opium and looking at dirty magazines. He sees a car enter and is alarmed. He tells Sunny they need to leave now. Sunny asks if it’s Nas men, but Bajie says it’s much worse.

Using the machine to track MK, the monks see they are close to finding someone with the dark power.

As Bajie is siphoning gas, he sees the monks and rushes out, but finds himself trapped. As the monks come closer, Bajie is hiding in the tub of dirty water. The monks don’t find him and leave. We learn that Bajie was running away from them. Sunny confronts Bajie about the Abbots. Sunny asked Bajie to take him to them, because they have MK. Bajie refuses to. Sunny leaves without Bajie to follow the Abbots cars.

As Quinn’s men are returning from a shift, an arrow marking the Widow’s butterfly appears. They deliever the message to Quinn from the Widow for a meeting.

In a Christmas store building, Ava and MK are surrounded by holiday decorations and wonder what life was like for the people who built the place they’re in. Ava quotes the Master and realizes that she no longer has a master to follow. She asks him if this was a mistake, because she doesn’t know where and who she is supposed to be. MK reveals to Ava what he saw in the mirrors – how he killed his mother.

Quinn’s men attack the Widow’s fortress with Quinn entering the home. The lights turn on with the Widow and her butterflies and Waldo surrounding them. Quinn asks how they found his bunker to which Waldo adds that Quinn wasn’t always good at keeping things secret. The Widow requests an alliance between her and Quinn to kill the other barons. Quinn requests a moment alone between Widow and requests for Veil and Henry. Quinn knows that Waldo didn’t find them alone and that she won’t give them Veil or Henry. She refuses, which makes him leave rejecting her offer.

As MK is looking around the Christmas store, he finds a WIRED magazine with Azra on the cover. He tells her that they can leave the Badlands and find Azra. They hear  someone coming in. Two abbots come and turn on the Christmas lights and music looking for MK and Ava. Using the detector, they see that the boy is close. They make a move to leave and Sunny finds MK. Sunny tells MK and Ava that they need to get out here now. The two Abbots find them as well as Cung Le’s Abbot, who is ready to fight Sunny in an epic showdown. Oh, this fight was pretty good. Ava and MK battle the other two Abbots in the Winter Wonderland area. Ava’s dark matter works still, which she turns on. The other abbots turn their dark powers on to battle. Cung Le’s abbot kicks MK and Sunny’s butt, leaving three abbots to kill Ava. Just as the abbot is going to take MK, a car crashes into the room, driven by Bajie. The abbot is killed by a resurected Ava, who then collapses again. Cung Le’s abbot called Bajie brother and begins to battle each other. Bajie was one of them at one point and was able to paralyze Le’s abbot. Sunny then finishes the abbot off, but not before he punches some light into Sunny’s chest.

The Widow asks Veil if she had any luck with the book, which Veil has not. The Widow then tells Veil that she has to do what is best for her girls and gives her and Henry back to Quinn.

Ava is slowly dying as MK tells her he’s here with her and to not be afraid. She slowly dies in his arms.

Sunny and Bajie call on MK, but Sunny begins to hesitate and then collapses.


Let me first say how happy I am that MK and Sunny have been reunited. This has been a long time coming for the two friends. Unfortunately, the happiness was short-lived due to the abbots attacking them and causing Sunny to collapse. We would have hoped their reunion would be sweet, but this is a post-apocalyptic series – it’s not going to happen.

When I first saw Cung Le’s abbot transfer some sort of power to Sunny, I thought he was going to transfer his abbot powers over to him. Maybe he did, but Sunny just couldn’t handle the power of the dark side.

But, seriously. We don’t know what the abbot did to Sunny, but I bet Bajie, being an ex-abbot, would know what’s up.

Bajie being an ex-abbot kind of makes sense, especially with his outlandish lifestyle. He rebelled and just wanted the freedom to do whatever he wanted. Also, Bajie knew how to fight previously, so you’d have to wonder how he learned all those fight moves.

MK and Ava’s moment together didn’t last very long. It was unfortunate because it seemed he could have had a life beyond Tilda, but it seems the showrunners, as well as some fans, are still team MKilda. Although, Tilda and Odessa. Yeah, that happened, which if this is true, it would make Tilda the first bisexual character on the series. YES for LGBTQ characters!

Anyways, back to the Badlands. Veil and Henry have finally escaped and found peace with the Widow . Waldo seemed especially happy to have found Veil and Sunny’s son Henry. Waldo and Sunny had a sort of a father-son bond, which would make Waldo and Henry like grandfather and grandson. He made a promise to protect them, but unfortunately, the Widow too back her word and returned Veil and Henry to Quinn in order to assure the alliance. I’m sure Waldo is going to be pissed and may even turn his back on the Widow, because Sunny and his promise is definitely more important than his loyalty to Widow. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing a showdown between Waldo and Widow, which is unfortunate because I do like both these characters. But, for now, I am team Waldo because he wants to protect Veil and Henry.

Yeah, Quinn and Lydia are just a horrible couple. After she finally had the opportunity to kill the man who killed her son, Lydia falls back into Quinn’s arms. I understand Lydia has been in love with him for years and still loves him. The man killed your son. You need to stop this cycle of pain for yourself and kill Quinn, which I hope Lydia eventually does.

Tonight’s episode only had one fight scene, which is completely fine because it was between Cung Le and Daniel Wu and a few others. Let’s be honest, we were excited about Le and Wu fighting the most. These two martial artists don’t require multiple cuts and edits in their fight, so the flow is just beautifully done. It’s a shame that Le’s abbot was killed off because I would have loved to see more between the two. I guess it’s not just up between Wu and The Master (Chipo Chung).

Into the Badlands airs on Sunday at 10pm on AMC.

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