Class 1×02 ‘The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo’ review

The second episode of the new Doctor Who spin-off Class aired tonight in the US. It seemed to focus on Ram and the ramification of his encounter with aliens from the previous episode. After experiencing horrible PTSD from the death of his girlfriend and losing his leg, Ram encounters more bloodshed from the deaths of the school’s assistant coach and cleaning lady. With no evidence of the deaths, he begins to question his reality and sanity. With the help of the others on the team, who are concerned about Ram, they find out that Ram’s coach is the culprit to the crimes. A dragon has ripped through time and space and fused herself into the coach’s body, creating a tattoo. Hence, the play on words in the title episode ‘The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo’. The dragon’s partner followed her through the rip and now kills to feed his trapped partner. After confronting the dragon bravely, Ram was able to convince the dragon to kill off the coach.

With a series with no gadgets or time machine, Class is slowly finding its niche. I feel like each episode is building up each character as the episodes go further. In this Ram-focused episode, we learn about what he’s going through mentally and physically, as he learns to continue his life without his girlfriend and a new leg. With no one to turn to, including his father, Ram slowly descends into depression. After just being, basically, “sick of this shit”, Ram just tells the scary dragon off. Like in the pilot episode, Ram was shown as the brave character who is willing to fight. He may be my new favorite character because he seriously just doesn’t give a crap about what he’s up against.

In the episode, the headmaster is killed by the dragon, which disconnects Doctor Who from Class. There is nothing tying Doctor Who and Class now, so the kids and Miss Quill are on their own. Miss Quill is a funny character. After making out with a man, who turns out to be a robot, we see a deeper side of her. She’s lonely. She’s stuck on this Earth with children she doesn’t care about and could care less if they died if her life didn’t depend on it. But, honestly, she proved herself to be useless in this episode. She is just running away from the monster without providing any intelligent feedback to the students. The Doctor told her to use her mind as a weapon but she just doesn’t seem to know what the heck she’s doing. But, I do find her very funny because of it.

The show seems to be doing a “monster of the week” kind of episodes with an underlying problem that they must figure out, which may be the shadow king or the fact that Charlie still has the box full of souls. I’m not too sure. I hope we do find out more about the shadow box. But, I am happy with the weekly monster storyline. It just gives us a better understanding of how the team works together, like in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Also, it’s very refreshing to see a British Asian (Indian) showcased on an episode. The pilot episode showed Ram’s father being a very strict and demanding, which followed a certain stereotype for Asians. In the end, Ram’s father was understanding of his son’s experience and embraced him. This was definitely refreshing to watch. I do hope they explore their relationship more.

Class airs on Saturdays on BBC America.

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