The final checkout for Bates Motel premieres on April 24

Bates Motel
The final checkout is here. Bates Motel is closing its doors for good in what appears to be a finale we will never forget. Season 5 has given us Norman Bates in true Psycho form as he is known in the movie series. Especially since the shocking death of Norma Bates last season. One would assume that the series would end with events leading into the movie Psycho. Instead Bates Motel has given us a revision of the movie for Season 5, even with the changing of its iconic shower scene. Bates Motel has been a mesmerizing experience that leaves you on the edge of your seat as you watch Norman’s slow descent into madness. Norma can only try to save her son at any cost, which eventually leads to her own death.

Norman’s Descent Into Madness in Bates Motel

A&E has given us a look at the series finale with a trailer to build the suspense. The events leading up to the finale leaves us hanging in the balance. Norman has nearly lost control of himself as his persona of his mother Norma has led him to continue to murder people. Eventually Norman is arrested for several murders that he has committed, including to one that he confessed. Meanwhile, Alex Romero has attempted to kill Norman by sending someone to kill him. Alex then attempts to escape police custody and is shot in the process. Finally, he captures Norman while demanding to be taken to Norma’s body. We can only guess how the series will end, and seeing as the show has already altered certain events, it’s possible that Norman will meet his end at the hands of Alex Romero.

Check out the trailer below and share with us your thoughts on Season 5 of Bates Motel.

The series finale of Bates Motel airs on Monday, April 24 on A&E!

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