Zachary Levi and Stephen Amell team up for Nerd HQ and Nocking Point wine collaboration

What happens when Stephen Amell and Zachary Levi form a friendship? Well, they use their awesome private ventures to do some good for the world while simultaneously making fans rejoice. Stephen Amell co-owns Nocking Point, a branded vineyard, and he isn’t afraid to plug it. Not only has it been well received, it is making fans of his and wine very happy. Zachary Levi’s Nerd HQ, on the other hand, is completely different. It is a yearly event that happens right across the street from San Diego Comic-Con International. And it’s able to bring an intimate approach to panels and photo ops with celebrities at a much lower price. Ticket sales directly benefit Operation Smile. It’s a charity helping with providing reconstructive facial surgery to children and teens suffering from cleft lip or cleft palates.

Zachary Levi and Stephen Amell team up for Nerd HQ and Nocking Point wine collaboration

Nerd HQ is known for being a place to party and have a lot of fun during San Diego Comic-Con. It’s a place where you can grab some drinks. For example, you can get a personalized Coke or an adult beverage at the bar. Wine isn’t something that I recall them having. But it seems that this year Nerd HQ will be stocking up on Nocking Point. This will bring fans of Stephen Amell’s wine to Nerd HQ. Of course, new fans will get to try the coveted wine which will be the official wine of Nerd HQ 2017.

Wine Selection Process

Per their Facebooks Q&A, some people wanted to know how did Zachary and David from Nerd HQ select these wines?

A: It’s a tough job but someone has to do it. It goes like this: Drew contacts a handful of NP’s winemakers to tell them about the new collaboration project. They love the idea, of course. He asks each winemaker to send down as many new blends as possible that could potentially become the final wine that they will release upon the world. The wines land at Drew’s house in LA, he goes to Zachary’s house with bags full of wine bottles, he sits with David and Zac, they pop and taste bottle after bottle after bottle, and they make a list of their favorites (they do this EARLY in the session before the wheels fall off). Drew reports back to the winemakers with the tasting results and gets a second round of samples sent down that are more “finished” versions of the favorites from the first round. He goes back to Zachary’s house, sits again with Zac and David, they plow through the samples, and they rank order their final selections from top to bottom. Drew reports back to the winemakers, finds out that we can do OUR TWO FAVORITE WINES, NOT JUST ONE, and the winemakers get to work on bottling this awesome juice for us up in Washington while we all wait patiently for it down in LA. We all get to enjoy the finished product when the June 1st wine club shipment lands on our doorsteps (yes, we all wait for the same shipments as you)!!

For more info on Nerd HQ, you can visit their site here.

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