Stan Lee on why Black Panther is his most anticipated Marvel film

Stan Lee Black Panther
White Castle inducted Stan Lee into the Cravers Hall of Fame during the grand opening of Excelsior Collectibles in Brea, CA, on April 15th. The Marvel legend made a special appearance to sign autographs for hundreds of die-hard fans. Nerd Reactor was also in attendance and got the chance to chat with Stan “The Man” Lee himself.

When asked about which upcoming Marvel film he’s excited about, Lee answered, “Black Panther. It’s our first black superhero. And boy I think he’s going to be a big hit. At least I hope so. I’ve got my fingers crossed.”

“I like the Black Panther because, first of all, he’s not the typical way you’d write about a black guy,” Lee tells Nerd Reactor. “He seems like a regular native in the jungle, but he’s really the head of a nation which is hidden underground. They’re all scientific geniuses. And this guy, he’s a scientific genius. Nobody knows the story about the whole Black Panther. And I’m not going to tell it all. You’re going to have to go see the movie!”

Stan Lee on Bryan Cranston

There was a fan-made biopic poster featuring Bryan Cranston as Lee.

Courtesy of Entertainment Weakly’s tumblr

“It’s me!” exclaimed Lee when looking at the poster for the first time. “[Cranston] does resemble me.”

“Sure. Why not?” answered Lee when asked if he’d approve of Cranston portraying him in a biopic.

Stan Lee and White Castle

White Castle was honoring Lee at the grand opening, and he revealed which Marvel character he would love to eat a White Castle burger with.

“I’d want to eat White Castle with the Hulk,” Lee revealed. “Because then they would be giving us a lot of them. He’s got a big appetite and I hope I get my share. I love White Castle hamburgers.”

Check out the full Stan Lee video interview below.

Marvel’s Black Panther claws into theaters on February 16, 2018.

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