Mark Hamill wants to play George Lucas in a movie

Mark Hamill luke skywalker the force awakens

George Lucas is responsible for the most influential film series in existence. Considering this, it’s entirely plausible that someone will make a movie about the creator of Star Wars. What’s more, it looks like someone’s already interested in playing the writer/director.

During a Star Wars Celebration event in Orlando, Florida, a fan asked Mark Hamill what role he’d like to play in the future. His response: George Lucas. Apparently, the apprentice wants to play the master.

Hamill, who’s famous for doing voice work for The Joker, even did an impression of his former boss for the fans, despite his voice being in rough shape.

If, by chance, a film was made with Hamill playing Lucas…who on Earth would play Hamill?

Via: CTV News

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