12 consoles in 1! Introducing the Retro Freak!

Retro Freak

As an ’80s kid, the Nintendo Entertainment System was one of the best consoles ever to grace that early era of 8-bit gaming. It was also recently released that Nintendo would stop distributing the NES Classic Edition. This was a little bit of a blow to the many NES fans who were waiting for the next shipment to come out. Unfortunately for them, it looks like Nintendo is playing the game of price inflation. At least this is what I’m speculating this sudden cut-off as.

Introducing the Retro Freak

On a side note, there are some good news for everyone. There are many other systems out that you can purchase to play old school NES games. However, one that sticks out among the rest is the console named “Retro Freak”. Not only can it play NES games, but also SNES, Gameboy, Genesis, Sega Mega Drive, TurboGrafx-16, and many others. It’s basically twelve consoles that have come and gone throughout the years shoved into one small box.

The Retro Box is able to play the original cartridges from many of the consoles that I just stated. So if you still have your original games from the past, you can utilize them on the Retro Freak. Although I don’t think blowing into the cartridge is necessary for the NES games on this console. I guess that’s one part of the nostalgia that you won’t be able to relive.

With its memory system, you can install all your original cartridges into the Retro Freak so you don’t have to find the cartridge again to play it. This makes it easier if you want to take the Retro Freak to your friend’s house or another location without having to lug another case full of cartridges.

In addition, the games have all been upgraded to 720p. Originally, when these games came out in their respective 8-bit and 16-bit eras, televisions ranged from 240p to 480p. So the upgrade to the visuals makes it sharper for our modernized digital age. You can customize this via the console’s system to your liking.

Yes, You Can Use the Original Controllers

The Retro Freak does come with SNES style controllers that you can button map, which is pretty cool. However, if you’re feeling truly nostalgic, it has a controller adaptor that lets you utilize the original console controllers within Retro Freak’s Controller Adaptor. Again this is only awesome IF you’ve kept your original controllers. I don’t believe you can button map the original controllers, but why would you? It’s the original controller!

The only dampener for this console is that it is a little pricey. In fact, it rolls in between $200 to $225. Although with all the access it provides and all the nostalgia it can give you when you play those old-school games again, shelling out cash for this piece of tech is worth it.

Source: Cyber Gadget

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