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So, it’s confirmed. Ryder is dead. He’s gone and never coming back, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t going to see his ghost torment the Quinn. Quinn’s tumor and his guilt towards killing his son have caused him to hallucinate his son and expose his insecurities for the worst. I hope we see more ghost Ryder because it’d be nice to see him breaking Quinn down, especially after seeing father killing son.

I knew Jade and Lydia would team up to take down Quinn. These are two powerful women, who lost what they loved most, teaming together to take down the man who took it from them – Quinn. Lydia is back and I’m so excited for her return.

It’s nice to see the redemption of Sunny as he tries to get back to the love of his life and their child. In the beginning, he was all about just getting home and no one else mattered. But, seeing defenseless women being beaten down by a cruel man, Sunny stepped it up and became a hero. Sure, he doesn’t want to be a hero, but really… you can’t stop him from wanting to help people. I just hope that Porsha and Amelia will help further humanize Sunny. I have a feeling Sunny is going to transition from clipper to hero. Of course, everything is going to come back for him – Nathaniel, Nas, and the mine boss. Sunny is collecting quite the enemy list. Also, tonight’s battle between Sunny and Nas’ men was amazing as usual. I am still in awe of the martial arts on this show.

I am shocked that the Widow wants to work with Quinn, but then again, I’m not surprised. This team-up will actually create an even better fight battle between them all. I’m already imagining the choreography.

I’m worried for Waldo since his ideas seem to be falling in the mud, but I feel like he’ll have a plan to get back on the Widow’s good graces, especially since he’s been assigned to find Quinn.

I am going to need MK’s story to begin to mesh with the others because I’m beginning to feel bad for the guy being away from everyone. Also, I am beginning to not care about this storyline. MK is learning to control his powers, which is great, but I need to see some more action and story development. MK is a good character. Let’s not waste him being stuck on a mountain. Also, I need more of the Master. She has a backstory, please tell it.

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Revenge for Ryder

After the death of Ryder, Jade claims his baronship and seeks revenge against Quinn.

Lydia is called to the home and learns Quinn had returned and killed Ryder. Lydia mourns the loss of her son. Lydia reveals to Jade that she wanted more children, but it was difficult. Now with Ryder’s death, she has no one left. Jade tells her they both loved Ryder and want Quinn to pay for what he’s done. Lydia reveals that Quinn has a bunker in the woods and wants to kill Quinn herself.


Quinn and his men are in the forest heading back home until Quinn sees Ryder in the woods. It then disappears. While Quinn is resting in his cave, he sees the ghost of Ryder mocking him for his choices. Ghost Ryder calls him weak and that every woman in his life abandons him, including Veil. Quinn says Veil and Henry are the only pure things in his life. Ghost Ryder tells him that the tumor is still there. That is why Quinn still has the headaches and that causes Quinn to see visions of Ryder.

Veil is tied up by Quinn’s men. She demands to see her son, but Quinn’s right-hand man asks about Edgar first. Veil tells him that Edgar tried to force himself on her. The man said Edgar was gay, but he said he won’t kill Veil because she has to keep Quinn alive. He showed her Quinn’s real x-ray that he found in her desk. He demands that she really heal Quinn or else he’ll kill her.

Veil goes back to her office and finds Henry missing. She goes to Quinn, who is holding Henry and a knife. Veil pleads to Quinn to put the knife down. Ghost Ryder is around Quinn and tells him to ask Veil about the tumor. Quinn proceeds to ask Veil about his condition. Veil lies and tells him he’s getting better every day. Ghost Ryder eggs Quinn on that Veil is lying and brings up the fact that Quinn killed her parents. Veil tells Quinn that her feelings for him have changed since he saved her. Ghost Ryder eggs Quinn on that Veil is lying and that Henry will betray Quinn too. Veil tries to convince Quinn to protect Henry and kisses him. She takes the knife away and tells him to trust her. She then takes Henry away from Quinn. Ghost Ryder reminds him that women were his weakness.

While Quinn is smoking some opium to relieve his pain, Clippers arrive at the bunker with Lydia in tow. She tells the clippers to bring him out, but that she will get to kill him. As Quinn is watching a movie, he begins to see images of Ryder. Clippers enter the bunker, but there is an explosion – it a trap set by Quinn in case anyone tries to enter the bunker. Quinn’s men prepare for battle. Veil sees this as an opportunity to escape with Henry and does so.

Sunny Side Up

Bajie and Sunny journey towards the wall towards Nas’ place – the man who could get them through the wall. Bajie tells him that Nas is the only way to get through the wall into the Badlands. Bajie claims Nas and him are good friends. Nas and Bajie appear to get along and Bajie introduces Sunny, past Clipper regent, to Nas. They present Nathaniel’s sword to Nas for a shortcut into the Badlands. Nas agrees.

While eating a meal with Nas, Nas asks Sunny what his favorite kill was. Bajie says that Sunny is no longer interested in that lifestyle. Nas makes a comment about an underage girl servant, which disgusts Sunny and Bajie. Nas said he wanted to be a baron at one point, but now he’s happy with shipping and selling, especially with the problems going on in the Badlands. Nas updates Sunny on the conclave and that Quinn was there. Sunny is shocked because he thought he killed him, but nope, Nas confirms Quinn is alive.

Later on, Bajie is trying to get it on with one of the servants and accidentally enters Sunny’s tent. Sunny kicks them out and is interrupted by the little girl servant, named Amelia, who tells him her mother Porsha will be pleasing Sunny tonight. Sunny rejects Porsha’s advances and they talk about Amelia, who will eventually become a doll. Porsha offers Sunny money to kill Nas, but Sunny refuses.

The next day, a car arrives for Sunny and Bajie to take them to the Badlands. Nas then asks Sunny if Porsha asked Sunny to kill Nas. Sunny said no but finds out that another doll snitched on their conversation. Nas brings a badly beaten Porsha and will set her as an example for those who oppose him. Nas then holds little Amelia and tells him that she will make him a fortune as a doll. Bajie tells Sunny that they got to go. Sunny then offers to buy Porsha and Amelia, but Nas rejects his offer and stabs Porsha. Sunny refuses to leave without them. Nas’ men surround Sunny and he prepares to fight them. Bajie doesn’t know what to do as Sunny is fighting Nas’ men in an epic fight scene. Bajie quickly takes Porsha and puts her in the car. Nas then tries to kill the little girl, but Bajie knocks him out and takes the little girl to the car. Bajie starts the car and Sunny jumps onto it and they drive off.

Back at the Butterflies

Tilda apologizes to the Widow for going to the conclave, because she felt something was wrong. The Widow thanks her instead for saving her. Widow has a moment with Waldo and talk about Quinn’s reappearance. Waldo says this is good because everyone will be focused on Quinn and it’ll be good if Widow kills Quinn to get into the other barons’ favor.

The Widow is looking at the map of the Badlands and focuses on the Armadillo, the symbol for Quinn’s territory. Later on, the Widow is wheeling Waldo in the home and tells him she considered his proposal and came to a decision. She said she will not let her people down ever again and plans on making an alliance with Quinn. She assigns Waldo to find Quinn.

The fortress of solitude

MK is practicing at the temple. They are called into the temple. Ada asks where MK is after not seeing him enter back into the temple. MK makes a run for it in the forest. He finds himself at a tree with men strung up. He takes one of the men’s clothing and buries him.

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