Overwatch adds new PVE mode with Uprising Event

Overwatch Uprising event
Join Your Friends and Travel to the Past in the new Uprising Event

As much as I enjoy Overwatch, my FPS skills are no longer (were they ever?) able to keep up. Especially with the catlike fast twitch reflexes and mouse/controller skills of teenagers more than a decade my junior. The universe and characters of Overwatch continue to fascinate me. However, my play time with the game is usually reduced to a couple quick matches with friends. These usually end in me shaking my head in frustration as DeezNuts25 tells me to uninstall after a particularly bad death.

So it’s with some excitement that I saw the announcement of Overwatch’s latest PVE event, Uprising. This limited-time event takes us back a few years when Tracer was just a rookie recruit, trying to defend London against swarms of Omnic extremists. The event will also include over 100 new items to be discovered in loot boxes.

This limited time event will be playable through May 2.

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