Original Tamagotchi makes a comeback in Japan

Original Tamagotchi
Everything popular from the 1990s returns at some point (at least, it seems that way). Now as seen on Amazon, the original Tamagotchi gets another chance in Japan for its 20th anniversary.

For those who do not remember, Tamagotchi gave kids the chance to raise a virtual pet on a tiny little screen. Three buttons sit at the bottom. With such an outdated screen and few buttons, the functions were limited. For instance, kids could feed or play with the virtual pet through the screen. But the games were simple and involved choosing menu options. For example, does the Tamagotchi want to go left or right? Imagine the suspense.

Furthermore, the Tamagotchi took care of its toilet business on screen and went to sleep like a real pet. If users did not take care of the Tamagotchi, the virtual creature died.

Also, the constant beeping to inform the caretaker of its mood became one of its most notable features.

Is this resurrected Tamagotchi the same though? Paul Miller of The Verge says no.

” … the new Tamagotchis aren’t exactly the same as the original,” he wrote. “They’re about half the size, the LCD display is square rather than rectangle, and those helpful icons on the top and bottom of the screen seem to be gone now.”

Potential buyers might not care.

According to Graeme Campbell of High Snobiety, Bandai last tried to bring back the Tamagotchi in 2014.

“Prior to that, original package issues of the digital pets were known to fetch upwards of $200 on sites like eBay,” Campbell noted. “The new Tamagotchi is retailing at $13.55 (1,500 yen) but is only available in stores in Japan, at least for now. It is, however, also selling on Amazon Japan right now for $17.36.”

Others argue the need for a Tamagotchi is not there anymore.

On iOS and Android, numerous apps which emulate the Tamagotchi already exist. Many of those pet simulation apps are free too. But there is something about a physical toy that cannot be replaced.

Can the original Tamagotchi return successfully? Will it only see a release in Japan? If nothing else, it gives kids and adults another reminder of life 20 years ago.

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