CGV Cinema gets immersive with ScreenX and 4DX in Buena Park

ScreenX Credit: Brad Betts / Nerd Reactor

Credit: Brad Betts / Nerd Reactor

ScreenX and 4DX Enhance the Moviegoing Experience

I recently had the chance to check out two very different immersive experiences at CGV Cinema in Buena Park, California. The ScreenX experience will make your regular cinematic viewing feel narrow in scope. 4DX will literally move you… and spray water, drop snow and blast air.

ScreenX takes the regular projector format and expands on that by projecting images to the left and right walls. I really felt like I was in another world. A similar experience would be virtual reality. And that’s without the feeling of having a screen being so close to your eyes.

“As exhibitors, we’re always trying to innovate,” Paul Kim, ScreenX’s director of content, tells Nerd Reactor. “We want people to enjoy their movies in different formats in a new way all the time. ‘What can be the next most immersive tool to show films to audience goers?’ And we thought that ScreenX was a really good idea. It literally started from the ground up in a little room with Post-It notes.”

Check out the video below to see ScreenX in action.

“We actually first started with the whole projection mapping technology side of things,” Kim said about ScreenX’s start. “There’s so much underutilized space within a movie theater. Why not use that? We got projectors. We can project onto the walls if we need, and we can create this space that’s like none other.”

4DX credit brad betts nerd reactor

Credit: Brad Betts / Nerd Reactor

4DX Is Like a Roller Coaster Ride

CGV Cinema also has 4DX, a theater experience that makes you feel like you’re in the movie thanks to motion seats and environmental effects. Effects include wind, rain, snow, fog, lightening and more. The seats will move accordingly to what’s happening on the screen. (The experience is further enhanced if the film’s in 3D.)

The film I got to test out was Boss Baby. There’s an opening sequence that shows how babies are made. (You know, in the clouds.) The babies are moved like cars being built inside a factory. I felt like I was one of the babies being moved all around the clouds.

The 4DX experience is available all around the world. The U.S. currently has 8 locations including Regal Cinemas at L.A. LIVE, CGV Cinemas in Buena Park (CA), Regal Cinemas E-Walk Stadium in New York, Regal Union Square Stadium 14 in New York, Regal Pointe Orlando Stadium 20 & IMAX, Cinepolis Vista in Carlsbad, Cinepolis Pico Rivera and Marcus Gurnee Mills Cinema in Gurnee, IL.

CGV Cinema

Credit: Brad Betts / Nerd Reactor

CGV Cinema Buena Park is the flagship U.S. location for CJ CGV, the fifth largest multiplex theater company in the world. It has 2,877 screens at 376 locations in seven different countries. It has opened since January 27th and has been treating audiences with the state-of-the-art viewing experiences.

If you want to unwind, CGV Cinema has a bar area with beer and wine. Since it’s a Korean theater chain, it’s not complete without soju cocktails. The Popcorn Factory features tasty popcorn like caramel and sour cream and onion. There’s also the dine-in service in the Premium Cinema with recliners and cell phone chargers.

If you want to experience the ultimate cinematic viewing, then be sure to check out ScreenX and/or 4DX at CGV Cinema.

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